1st catch report – 2014

My first resident guests of the season do not arrive for their holiday until the 6th of April but three of my local day ticket guys have been around for a bit of a session to test the waters.

They only fish day sessions from 9ish to 5ish but a total of 8 fish from 22lb through to just over 31lb proves that you do not have to fish through the night.  Here is Dave with a very nice mirror at 23lb 08oz


And here is Ian with a cracker of a common at 29lb 08oz


The Bacon Butty Challenge 2014 has commenced but the boys have changed the game because they now have a 3rd competitor called John.  I can’t show you a photograph of John, despite him having the bigger of the 8 carp, because he has been taking his photos with his smart phone and he has not figured out how to get those photographs over to me.

Keep trying John, just one picture is all I need.

I am surprised that they have done so well, the temperature is all over the place, the water level is going up and down with every new deluge of rain, last week we nudged 20C, last night it was minus -6C.  I awoke this morning to the heaviest frost of the year so far.  None of this is good for catching big carp.

Given the circumstances the result was fantastic, even the lads were surprised at their own performance, and it all bodes well for the season ahead.  The scores on the door are; Dave with 1,  John with 3 but Ian taking the lead with 4.




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    Hiya many thxs for message most enjoyable  Here we go trying to attach its the email add i was given i think maybe foul play lol 

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