SITREP – 16 March

It has been a good week at the Moulin, most importantly there has been no rain, the sun has been shining and things are slowly reverting to normality.

Two very good friends of ours, Yannick and Jacque, came over on Friday evening for a pre-season 2 night session to see how the fishing is coming along, they elected to fish the deeper swims with Yannick on Twin Oaks and Jacque on The Stumps.

Not bad is their verdict, here is Jacque with his new PB at 42lb 03oz (smile Jacque)


It was very slow during the day, the big carp are enjoying the sun on their backs as they are still emerging from their winter slumber, but things improved in the evening and continued through the early hours with a total of nine fish, 1 Common at 26lb 06oz and 8 Mirrors at 22lb 14oz, 23lb 12oz, 24lb 03oz, 26lb 08oz, 28lb 07oz, 31lb 08oz, 32lb 13oz and 42lb 03oz.

That was 4 to  Jacque and 5 to Yannick.

Here is Yannick with a very pretty  Mirror at 31lb 08oz


Their method was very simple; single 16mm boilies over a bed of pellet with a PVA stick of pellet attached to every cast.  All fished to the far bank, it obviously works.

The weather is still very changeable so I think that they did extremely well.  We have been having daytime temperatures into the low 20s which has increased the core temperature of the water from 7C up to 9C, the night time lows of around 4C have had no negative effect on that temperature.  The fish have been rising into the warmer surface water earlier and earlier each day as it pushes up to as high as 12C along the far bank.

However, on Friday night the air temperature dropped like a stone to minus -2C and we awoke to a ground frost which was followed by a very cold fog which hung around all morning on Saturday before the sun forced through once again.

Helen and I went for coffee and cake with the lads in the cabin on swim 5 on Saturday evening and as we walked home at about 9pm the air temperature had dropped so quickly that there was a steamy mist rising from a lake that is only 9C.

That winter nip has not gone yet!!!!

But well done ODIN.  For those of you who recognise him he is that handsome looking 42lb fish that Jacque is holding very close.  I call him a HIM because I think he is a male, his weight does not fluctuate as much as the females do and we have never seen him showing any signs of an inflated, egg filled stomach.  He made 3 showings last year, the first was to Glen in April and he weighed in at 35lb.  The second was to Benjamin in May and weighed in at 37lb 04oz, that was almost certainly his pre-spawn weight.  The third time he graced us with his presence was in October last year and interestingly it was Yannick who caught him and he weighed in at 36lb 08oz.

He is a lean , mean, fighting machine and has gained 7lb 03oz since the same time last year, it will be interesting to see what his pre-spawn weight is this year.  If only half of my fish have made similar gains then it is going to be a good session for someone.

The Bacon Butty Challenge may continue next week, I will let you know how they get on.

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3 Responses to SITREP – 16 March

  1. glen says:

    Well Odin is my pb at 35lb, nice to see that he is growing on to be a bigger fighter. Glen

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