New Facilities

Another week passes by in the blink of an eye as we busy ourselves with the final preparations for this year’s season.

With the exception of the most dedicated anglers most people enjoy a bit of down time between sessions, so to help you enjoy a break from catching big carp I have added some new facilities, anyone for Ping Pong


And before you all comment, I know that I have still not painted that ugly breeze-block wall and that rather drab looking door.  This summer I promise.

I thought the Pool and the Gym would be enough extra activities for most folk but there are days when the weather does not suit the Pool and I have now discovered that most people like to take a look at the gym kit but then they settle for an extended session on a sun-lounger.

To help you enjoy a little respite from the hard work of catching fish I have installed table tennis and darts inside the big barn and outside, next to the pool, I have installed a badminton net.

We are just about ready to receive our first guests of the season,  the grass has all had it’s first cut of the year and everywhere is looking very tidy.  We had our last bonfire on Friday to get rid of the last of the tree cuttings from our winter trimming.  The Gite has been stripped out, cleaned from top to bottom and then put back together again.  This next week we are going to spring-clean the Gym and service the Pool.  And of course now that the grass has been cut it will need doing again, and again, and again…………!!

After all of that Helen is going home to the UK for a few days to say hello to the family, she will be visiting our mothers, and our girls will be able to see theirs, and who knows, I might find time for a spot of fishing.

A few days of doing nothing, just me and the boys, paradise.




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2 Responses to New Facilities

  1. Martin says:

    Brilliant, looking forward to a game of table tennis

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Martin, if you know how to play you can teach me the rules!!

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