Catch Report – 30 March 2014

I have had a couple of guys over this week to check out the fishing for one last time before my season starts properly on the 5th of April.

Ian and Dave came over on Monday for a short 6 hour day session and Yannick came over on Friday evening for a 36 hour, two night session.


That is Dave with the larger of my 2 red koi which happened to be the smallest of their 6 fish catch at 22lb 08oz.  Six hours for 6 fish is a pretty good indication that the fishing is not too bad but the conditions I must say were perfect.

Around 20C, dry and bright but not too sunny, and no wind to speak of at all, the lake was like a mill pond.  They shared swim 2 “The Meadow” and fished the far bank margins.  Using the house boilies they fished single 16mm boilies over a bed of mixed particle which was primarily maize, pellet and chopped boilie.

They departed very happy bunnies having had a good day; 1 Koi at 22lb 08oz, 2 Commons at 24lb 09oz and 26lb 12oz, and 3 Mirrors at 23lb 06oz, 24lb 12oz and 32lb 02oz.

Here is Ian with his pick of the session


Yannick arrived Friday evening and had a bit of a mixed session.  He chose to fish swim 4 “Twin Oaks” and again fished to the far margins using single boilie baits over a bed of mixed particle.

Once again the conditions were perfect and he was into fish almost from the minute he arrived, he had 5 in the bag within the first 3 hours.  I thought this was going to be one of those sessions to end all sessions, but, it was not to be, as the night drew on the temperature dropped rapidly, the wind increased to almost gale force and his run of luck stopped as quickly as it started.

The wind persisted throughout the day on Saturday and the gusts were so strong that they picked up the garden benches in front of the house and threw them around the garden, it also damaged the roofing felt on 2 of my lake-side cabins (another job to do).

The fish were having none of this windy weather and he did not have a touch all day, but, as the weather subsided into Saturday evening he had several more runs but only managed to bank another 2 fish.

All things considered it was still a good session with a better stamp of fish, he had; 2 Commons at 22lb 11oz and 37lb 07oz, and 6 Mirrors at 22lb 11oz, 24lb 03oz, 27lb 05oz, 30lb 02oz, 32lb 06oz and 38lb 10oz.

Here is his pick of the session



All of my test sessions have so far shown that the larger fish are staying up in the deeper water and that will probably persist for a while until the water temperature rises a few more degrees.  The core temperature of the lake has just reached that magical figure of 10C and the fish are really waking up and hunting for a feast.  The problem with the shallower swims is that there is a greater degree of temperature fluctuation throughout any 24 hour period and I think that the larger fish are a little more fussy about where they spend their time.

The lake gets a total rest now for the next week while I wait for our first guests to arrive next weekend.


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  1. Peter Stevens says:

    Best of luck for the season!

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