Catch Report – 20 April 2014

4 young lads from Liverpool on the lake this week taking a total of 42 fish to 43lbs.  On the 3 Star All-Inclusive package they were all set for a good holiday.

Here is Dale with the pick of the week at 43lb 05oz

image (6)

The guys were not the most experienced anglers and this was their first time in France chasing the big carp.  They enjoyed having exclusive use of their own lake for the week and enjoyed the lake-side cabins as a better alternative to bivvies.  Their previous PBs were all less than 20lb and needless to say they all now have new ones.

All the guys dropped quite a few fish just through inexperience but Dale went on to finish with 11 fish; 1 x 21, 2 x 22, 1 x 24, 2 x 27, 2 x 36, 1 x 39, 1 x 40 and 1 x 43 which is his new PB for a mirror at 43lb 05oz.  His PB for a Common is now over 22lb.


Dan finished with a total of 9 fish with this one being his best and new PB for a Mirror at 42lb

image (6)

His new PB for a Common is now 27lb 05oz, his haul included; 1 x 22, 1 x 27, 1 x 28, 1 x 33, 1 x 34, 2 x 38, 1 x 41 and 1 x 42lb.


Sam averaged smaller fish but his new PB for a Mirror is now over 36lb whilst this was the pick of his bunch and his new PB for a Common at 38lb 08oz

image (12)

His total catch of 10 fish included; 1 x 24, 1 x 25, 1 x 26, 1 x 27, 2 x 28, 1 x 29, 1 x 31, 1 x 36 and 1 x 38lb.


Top Rod this week goes to Ben with 12 fish.  He now has 3 new PBs !!!  his Mirror goes over 39lb, his Common goes over 41lb but first time out of the lake was this pretty white Koi at over 28lb

image (4)

His total included 1 x 24, 1 x 26, 1 x 27, 1 x 28, 1 x 29, 1 x 30, 1 x 32, 1 x 33, 1 x 37, 1 38, 1 x 39 and 1 x 41lb.

The lads have learnt a lot about catching big carp this week and they applied a good attitude to their holiday, it is not all about fishing, they found time to attend meals at the house twice a day, time to relax around the pool enjoying a beer on a couple of afternoons.  And most shockingly they even managed a dunk in the pool, you wouldn’t catch me in there at this time of the year.

A very successful week and they have already booked to come back again in October.



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