Catch Report – 27 April 2014

More of a situation report than a catch report as we were due to be closed this week, our daughters Amy and Joy were coming over for a short holiday, unfortunately an unforeseen family tragedy resulted in that plan being cancelled and Helen having to go home to the UK for a few days.

A tragedy for one is an opportunity for another and our day ticket regulars wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation.  Jacques and Willy arrived on Sunday and managed 8 fish between them from Twin Oaks and The Stumps; 2 x 21, 1 x 25, 2 x 32, 1 x 39 and 2 x 40, a Mirror at 40lb 08oz and a Common at 40lb 03oz.  Unfortunately they left without leaving their photographs.

Ian arrived on Wednesday and had a very short 5 hour session on The Meadow, he lost 2 and caught 2; a 29lb 04oz Common and this very nice heavily scaled Mirror at 27lb 06oz


I was at the swim with him when he lost one of the 2 that got away.  He lifted in to what was obviously a big fish and it just swam away toward the deeper water at a nice slow steady pace, he applied some pressure to try and stop it’s advance and it just gave a mighty shake and it was gone.  When he reeled in and checked his rig the hook had been virtually straightened out, it was an unusual take compared to most carp that you hook in the shallow swims, they tend to go off at a thousand miles an hour, so we wonder if maybe he had hooked in to my one and only Catfish ??

2 more French lads arrived on Friday afternoon pleading for a session but I had to turn them away as I had just finished preparing the lake for our next guests who were due to arrive on the Saturday.

John and Jennifer Angus from Dorchester arrived on Saturday afternoon and they brought the weather with them from the UK, it was drizzling as they arrived and it has not stopped raining since, the forecast for the week ahead is sunshine and showers with highs of around 16-18C and lows of around 8-10C.  Somewhat different from the last few weeks where we haven’t seen a drop of rain and the temperatures have been pushing up to 28C and dropping back toward ZeroC under the clear night skies.

Not the best weather for Jennifer’s relaxing holiday but it might prove to be good for John’s fishing.

John is more used to catching these things from far out at sea around New Zealand and Australia


They go over 1000lb and John has had a couple of world records to prove it.

Having returned to his other passion which is fishing for Big Carp I hope the poor weather produces a good week, his previous biggest carp is 33lb so hopefully we can better that for him.  Having said that he is not obsessed with PBs and he is just looking forward to a pleasant week’s fishing with some nice fish.

He has no intention of fishing any long night sessions just mornings and evenings with some sight-seeing thrown in for good measure.  I will let you know how he got on next weekend.

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