Catch Report – 09 May 2015 (another record catch)

What are records for if not to be broken.  The 2-man catch record was broken only last week by James and Matt Hunt with a very impressive catch of 54 beautiful big carp, unfortunately it was not destined to last very long.

My most regular guests, John and Jennifer Angus, have been on the lake this week and this time they decided to bring their youngest son Robbie along for a bit of a session.  Robbie is a competitive type and was determined to do well but it wasn’t until the middle of the week when he realised that their combined catch rate could actually challenge last week’s new record.

At that point the tempo changed and the challenge was on.  John maintained his usual steady attitude to the whole thing and was more than happy with his final catch of 22 carp.  Here he is with a magnificent young Common:



Robbie battled on relentless and when I spoke to him on Friday afternoon they only needed one more fish to go ahead, he called an end to things and finished his session at 7.55 am on Saturday morning when he landed his final fish at 36lb 08oz, his total for the week was 35, (36 if you count his baby common at 2lb)



For the purposes of setting records and on the basis that the 2lb common was removed to a stock pond and therefore can never be caught by anyone else I have disregarded the baby fish and the new 2-man catch record now stands at 57.

Their approach was simple; spot the fish, feed them lots to hold them in place, but also be prepared to move swims if necessary.  Throughout the week they fished swims 2, 3, 5 and 6 and they all produced fish.

Their baiting strategy was aided by bait boats which allowed them to deliver large quantities of bait to the same spots, exactly and repetitively.  Their ground bait was a complete mix of partimix, pellet, boilies, corn, hemp, various booster liquids, in fact pretty much everything and anything that they had in their box.  John summed it up by saying that he wanted to create a cloud of feed.

Rigs were basic and combined with lead safety clips and a length of safety tube, but hook baits were as varied as the ground bait, my Calamar King boilies did seem to work well, especially for Robbie.

The hardest worker of the week was the team captain, Jennifer, she enjoys a long walk which is convenient because she must have walked 100 miles up and down the bank between John and Robbie.

Jennifer also gets my Hero of the week award for helping Robbie with a snagged up fish.  Someone had previously foul hooked this fish in the dorsal fin with a Zig Rig and then lost the fish and rig combined.  Robbie had hooked it fair and square so it was still feeding but by this time it had picked up several other rigs and 100s of meters of line was wrapped around it and trailing from it.  Jennifer, realising that this was a dead fish in the making if someone did not manage to get it to the net, did no more than leap in the water to help rescue it, and this was in deep water on swim 6.  Well done Jennifer and I am sorry about your mobile phone.

There is another story about people getting rather wet on swim 6 but that is too long a tale to go into here, suffice to say that Robbie dried out.

The boys did not fish particularly hard, they were fishing late in to the evenings and starting again early in the mornings but they managed plenty of time away from the lake for good food and good sleep.  They also lost several fish at the net, if they had landed them and fished 24/7 I hate to think what the new record could have been.

John, Jennifer and Robbie are back in July when Robbie will have some sibling rivalry  in the way of his big brother.  I have warned him not to expect this sort of a catch during the heat of the summer but I feel sure that the competition will still be on.

For now the 2-man catch record is 57 big carp, their final tally for the week is 58:

1 baby common at 2lb, 6 doubles between 17lb 12oz and 19lb 08oz, 2 @ 20lb, 2 @ 21lb, 3 @ 22lb, 2@ 23lb, 4 @ 24lb, 4 @ 25lb, 1 @ 26lb, 1 @ 27lb, 4 @ 28lb, 3 @ 29lb, 3 @ 30lb, 5 @ 31lb, 1 @ 32lb, 5 @ 33lb, 1 @ 34lb, 1 @ 35lb, 3 @ 36lb, 1 @ 37lb, 1 @ 39lb, 1 @ 40lb, 1 @ 42lb, 1 @ 43lb and the biggest at 45lb 12oz.

Well done all 3 of you, Helen and I are looking forward seeing you all again soon.

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1 Response to Catch Report – 09 May 2015 (another record catch)

  1. john n tina bruford says:

    Well done lads n ladies they look amazing. They must be feeding ready for spawning, did the guys fish tight to the other bank with any hot spice my favourite. Hi to u tony n helen see you soon jon n tina

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