Catch Report – 16 May 2015

What a difference a few hours and a bit of sunshine can make, the spawning starts at Le Moulin.

After having 2 record catches in the last 2 weeks the catch statistics are back to normal for 3 lads from the south of England this week.  From left to right;  Big Al, Little Al and Martin


The guys  arrived on Saturday afternoon and the sun arrived with them, the temperature soared during the next several days and the fish decided that the circumstances were right for a bit of a love-in.  I just knew it was going to be a difficult week, I checked the water temperature on Sunday and it was nearly 19C at 2 meters down and the surface water was well over 20C in the sun.  Perfect for spawning.

The guys refused to be beaten and put in a lot of effort targeting showing fish, they kept the feed going in and picked up an occasional fish here and there, the result was a very respectable total of 22 fish.  For a while I thought that it would be a lot worse.

Big Al only managed 5 fish but he was very happy with that, especially as his previous 2 trips to France resulted in dry nets, and although his biggest was over 44lb it was not enough to put him in the trophies.

Martin took the biggest fish award with a mirror which he weighed in at 51lb 06oz


Unfortunately I had to adjudicate because he had not zeroed his scales correctly, we settled on 48lb which is still a very respectable fish and his smile says it all.

The Top Rod award this week goes to little Al who managed 11 fish, he was also pushing Martin for the big fish award with his 2 40s, a Mirror at 41lb 09oz and a beautiful Common at 42lb 10oz.


Given the circumstances the guys did extremely well and their tally for the week was:

Zero baby carp, 1 double at 18lb, 1 @ 20lb, 1 @ 23lb, 1 @ 25lb, 1 @ 26lb, 1 @ 27lb, 2 @ 28lb, 2 @ 30lb, 2 @ 32lb, 1 @ 33lb, 3 @ 34lb, 2 @ 39lb, 1 @ 41lb, 1 @ 42lb, 1 @ 44lb and 1 @ 48lb.

The weather cooled considerably on Friday and that has put the fish off their friendly activities but it is set to be fair over the next 2 weeks so hopefully they will be at it again soon and the spawning will be over relatively quickly.

The guys have booked a return trip for 2017 and are coming at the end of April in a hope that they will arrive before the spawning starts and they can have a go at a record catch.

Steve and Annette Ling are back on the lake this week and this year they have brought their daughter Emma and her fella Tim.  They have already caught their first couple of fish of the session so I will let you know how they get on next Sunday.

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