Catch Report – 23 May 2015

I am a day early with the catch report this week because I do not have any new guests arriving this afternoon and I find myself at a bit of a loss for something to do.

Normally at this time on a Saturday I am running around like a headless chicken preparing the place for my next guests but next week the lake is closed.

It is the first week off for my big carp since the start of the season, and they have earned it.  They have provided some fantastic sport so far this year, a lot of them have spawned and are showing all the classic signs of spawning damage, particularly the females.  So now it is time for a little R&R;  a good feast of high protein food, and a bit of down time.

Steve and Annette Ling were back again this week, accompanied by their daughter Emma and her fella Tim, both of whom were here for their first visit.



What a week it turned out to be, despite the on-going spawning activity; 43 great carp to 46lb.

These guys are totally chilled and their “zero stress” strategy was so simple.  They set up camp on swim 5 “The Stumps” and fished there all week.  They had 6 rods out between them and fished to 6 different places, going far left into swim 6 and equally as far right into swim 4.

Supported by 2 bait boats they baited each area with a good mix of corn, partimix, a lot of pellet, and a mix of 4 different boilies.  To ensure that everyone had a good chance of catching a few nice fish they took it in turns to respond to each run.  They were hoping to catch 4 per day, one each, giving them a total of 28.  Needless to say they exceeded their own expectations.

They fished mainly from breakfast through to late evening and had plenty of down time away from the lake to catch up on their beauty sleep, as well as trips to the local shops and to one of our more popular local markets.

Keeping their rigs and bait presentation really simple proved once again to be the key.  I did put them on the spot yesterday when I asked them to identify the most successful hook bait and the reply was unanimous:  my Hot Spice boilies topped off with a bit of anything that was high viz.

The sharing of the runs theory was great to a large extent and everyone did catch some nice fish but when you look at the results you can see who spent more time manning the rods and who spent the most time running backwards and forwards for the coffee and sandwiches.

Annette unfortunately was bringing up the rear with her total of 6 fish and despite landing a Big Common at 45lb 12oz she still missed out on the Big Fish award.  She has improved on her PB from last year by a few pounds so she is more than happy, and this 30lb Mirror helped with that



The Big Fish award went to daughter Emma and this magnificent 46lb Mirror was just one of her 10 fish collection



Tim was relatively new to carping but he quickly found his style and ended with a superb result of 13 fish.  Not the most fish nor the biggest fish but his haul of 13 was not a bad start to his carping career.  He started with a twenty and worked his way up through the 30s but what he really wanted was a 40.  He got there in the end with a day to spare and his PB now stands at 42lb 12oz.

Unfortunately I have lots of video of Tim splashing around with his 40 but no photographs, the video clips are the wrong file type for this blog and too large, so here he is with his next fish, a lovely little 24 pounder which Helen and I have already named Carrot



Top Rod this week goes to Steve who also got in to the 40s but not big enough, his tally for the week was 14



A fantastic week for 4 lovely people who have a super attitude toward fishing and toward the care of my fish.  I look forward to seeing them again next October when they are going to try an Autumn session as compared to a Spring session.

The final tally for the week was:

Zero baby carp, 4 doubles between 16lb and 19lb 14oz, 2 @ 21lb, 2 @ 22lb, 4 @ 23lb, 5 @ 24lb, 4 @ 25lb, 2 @ 26lb, 2 @ 27lb, 1 @ 28lb, 1 @ 29lb, 3 @ 30lb, 3 @ 32lb, 2 @ 33lb, 2 @ 34lb, 1 @ 36lb, 1 @ 37lb, 1 @ 40lb, 1 @ 42lb, 1 @ 45lb and 1 @ 46lb.

There will not be a catch report next weekend but as ever there will be plenty going on around Le Moulin so I will publish a general update on activities.

I hope the week of R&R prepares the fish for my first ever guests from Holland who arrive next Saturday, that will be Sander van Slooten and his group of 5 from Hoogeveen.

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