News Letter – 02 August 2015

Rain !!!  we have actually had some rain this week, not a lot but a drop.  A couple of hours on Wednesday night and a couple of hours on Thursday night, I was in bed and could hear it hitting the velux windows.  Maybe I was dreaming again because by the time I got out of bed in the morning everywhere was bone dry once again.

Helen and I managed to get to the Fair on Sunday for a few hours, it was all very enjoyable and we bumped in to a few friends for a bit of chat which is always nice.  As intended my first stop was the beer tent, a well earned freezing cold lager in a pint glass was the dream, but, a .33cl plastic beaker of reasonably cold lager was the reality.  It still went down well though.

Then of course I was going to visit the Kebab Man, then the Burger Man, etc, etc.  Half way around the fair I came across the Kebab stall, half a pound of meat later, topped off with a load of salad and a big portion of chips and I was stuffed.  The food tour stopped there, another case of my eyes being bigger than my belly.

It has been a really busy week which seems to have just disappeared in a flash, it was such a blur that I have just had to ask Helen to remind me what we had actually achieved.  The bit I had forgotten about was the 2 days refurbishing the other side of the conservatory.  It does look better and at least it will now be watertight and insulated.


We went to look at second hand diggers on Thursday and are now the proud owners of a rather well worn JCB 801.  It has been around the clock a few times but it seems pretty sound, the engine is good and it has had a new hydraulic pump, new tracks(next week), and most of the arm pins have been replaced.  The big bonus is that it comes complete with 4 different buckets so it will be very versatile and given the very light nature of the work that I shall task it with it will hopefully last us for several years to come.


The horse saga has stepped up a gear and Helen is now spending hours sat at the nice clean computer investigating her options with regards to electric fencing and all things technical.

I on the other hand get all of the dirty jobs.  On the left side of the drive when you arrive there is one of our fields which we refer to as the Top Field.  In the Top Field there is an old metal-clad field shelter which was completely over grown with ferns and brambles and anything else you can think of that grows where it is not required.  This area has not been cleared for 5 years to my knowledge and probably several more.

Well guess what ?  Yes, Helen has decided that it had to be reclaimed from Mother Nature and that this is going to be one of the spots for grazing Rosie and Fleur.  It really did look like a daunting task but I have brought a new bramble ripping head for my strimmer and it has already proven to be worth it’s own weight in gold.

Now I can get inside and see the shelter it is quite a robust structure and with a bit of TLC over the winter it should last for decades yet.


Another session at some point this week to clear out the rest of the ferns and whack in a few new fence posts and this will make a super shady spot for 2 welsh cobs, with direct access to around 10 acres of lovely grass, albeit a bit brown at the moment.

I have designed my stable block and calculated the materials required, on Monday I shall pop out and place an order for some concrete and a whole load of timber.  The problem is that it is August and the whole of France comes to a bit of a grinding halt while the nation goes on holiday.  The chances of getting my timber cut and delivered in the short term are slim but I shall find out for certain on Monday.

Either way the stable block is going to go where I currently park up my trailers and things so the clearance of this area will commence next week.


The rest of the week has been spent cutting grass, we may not have had much rain but the grass around the lake continues to thrive.  I have been able to ignore it for the last 2 weeks while we have been closed but I had new guests arrive yesterday and it was only right and proper that the place was suitably presented as always.

Chris and Natasha Barnes together with their 2 little girls Isabelle and Ana are here again for their summer holiday, this year they are also accompanied by Natasha’s dad who is recovering after quite a serious road traffic accident, I am sure that the peace and quiet will be good for him.

I have just left them setting up camp on Swim 5.  The sun is scorching and the fish as usual are sunbathing up on the surface so the kids are fish spotting.  I think the adults are as well.

They are here for 2 weeks so I will be doing a catch report next week albeit only a mid-session report.  Watch this space for further news.

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1 Response to News Letter – 02 August 2015

  1. Peter & Annie says:

    I feel tired just reading your blog! What progress.Peter and Annie

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