SITREP – 17 January2016

Well I got my wish !!  If you recall I did say that if it rained for 2 weeks then that would force my hand and I would have to turn my attention to the improvements to the Gite.

It started to rain almost immediately after the New Year’s celebrations were out of the way and it rained quite consistently for 2 weeks.  Some of it was torrential and at times we had our own mini floods, the Boys thought it was great though, and particularly the day when half of their field was submerged to a depth of 2 feet:

DSCF2170So it has been the turn of the Gite, and it has had my undivided attention for the last 12 days.  For those of you in the know this is what was :


Then it was no more :


And now it is definitely not :


The other bedroom has suffered the same treatment but it will all be for the best, I hope!


It hasn’t been a particularly hard job it has just been time consuming, trying to strip out walls and plumbing and electrics whilst at the same time trying to keep the damage to an absolute minimum.

The most difficult thing was trying to put an extractor fan in to the new shower room, it had to go through the external stone wall and that is over 1 meter thick.  I started off with a meter long drill bit pushed through several times from each side, then a bit of chiselling and then a bit of digging by hand.

The scary part was finding that the inside of the wall was simply dry stone walling held together with mud and clay, and every time I extracted a stone by hand another one would drop in to the void.  However persistence won through and I now have a nice piece of plastic pipe inside the wall to safely take away all of the steam and humidity.

The difficult part will be rebuilding the inside of the wall from the outside, it will be very time consuming and will be more like doing a 10,000 piece jig-saw puzzle rather than a building job.

As at yesterday all of the demolishing was complete, the new plumbing is in place and so are the new electrics.  Tomorrow I will start with the repairs, the decorating, the tiling, and of course lets not forget rebuilding my stone wall.

I am guessing on another 2 weeks to have it all complete and ready for the new season.  There is of course always the unexpected surprise so if I say 2 weeks it will probably be 3, if not 4.

Now we have had some rain I may well be able to progress the acquisition of my new fish, that will be the subject of another SITREP.  As will the on-going tree removal and general maintenance around the lake.  Loads going on, tons of damage to be caused and obviously all of the repair work to be finished.

I will keep you informed of my progress.

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3 Responses to SITREP – 17 January2016

  1. Roger bashford says:

    Your very busy hope you are both well keep up the good work
    Regards roger

  2. john n tina bruford says:

    Hiya tony no rest for you then on the golf course, lol its looking good great see you and catch up the other day break down soon with tina have a cuppa n a gluten free cake shes getting an expert,

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