Mid-Session Catch Report 21 August 2016

It has been another fantastic week at Le Moulin, the weather continues to be hot and sunny and the swimming pool is earning it’s keep.  We did get a drop of rain over night on Fri/Sat and it was very welcome because we are desperate for it but it won’t do much for the garden as the forecast for next week is more of the same with temperatures forecast to be in the mid-thirties.

Another superb family holiday is half way through and thankfully the fish are coping well with the hot weather, they are showing everywhere across the lake, they are on the hunt and ripping up the bottom in search of food, and Martin has managed to locate 14 beautiful big carp to 53lb.

Martin and Kelly were last here with their 2 kids in August 2014 when at this stage of the holiday Martin had managed to find 19 big carp to 42lb.


19 big carp to 42lb or 14 big carp to 53lb, which catch would you be happier with?

Martin’s final tally last time around was 30 fish to 43lb so he has a lot of work to do this week to better that.  Given the fact that the weather will continue to be very hot he is probably going to struggle, given the other fact that his bait boat packed in after the first couple of days last week he is going to struggle even more.  But, he is an exceedingly good angler and he is used to coping with very difficult waters such as Rainbow Lakes so he is far from being written off.

He is now doing things the old-fashioned way and for you youngsters who don’t know what I mean it is called “casting”.  Even when he is away from the lake and on trips with the family he may not be fishing but he ensures that his chosen swims are heavily baited.  He uses large quantities of mixed particles and boilies, then he knows that every time he returns to the lake for his next session some of that bait will still be sloshing around in the mud and silt giving the fish something to look for and hopefully, holding them in place.

Martin has just come up from the lake for his breakfast and it is more good news; last night he added another 3 nice fish to his tally pushing his catch up to 17 so far.

Watch out for his final catch report next weekend.  Kelly is very keen on photography and walks around with a rather posh looking camera with the lens from hell attached to it so I am looking forward to having some unusual shots.


As a post script, I thought that I would mention that these fantastic clear skies are resulting in some superb summer weather but the early morning temperatures are starting to drop off quite sharply, at 7.30 this morning it was only 12 degrees and feeling very fresh. So all of you due out here over the remainder of the season please make sure that you consider this when packing your suitcase, something more than shorts and T-shirts will be required.



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