Catch Report 28 August 2016

The summer sun continues to glare down, the temperatures have stayed up, and Martin’s and Kelly’s family holiday continued to be a great success.  Jolie and Carter have had a great time and made good use of my swimming pool, even the Ping Pong table has had a workout.

The guys have been out on some great day trips again this week so Martin has had to restrict his fishing to late afternoon and night sessions, despite only fishing part time he has still managed to find another 9 lovely big carp giving him a final tally of 23 fish to 53lb.  I think that compares favourably with his last visit when he may well have found 30 fish but his biggest was only 43lb.

The conditions have not been good for carp fishing as a whole, too hot and too sunny, but despite this Martin has been playing it sensible, he spends a lot of his spare daylight hours feeding his swims and stalking the fish, he watches what they are up to and where they are doing whatever it is that big carp do, then he decides which of his baited swims to settle on for the night.  He called it wrong once or twice but generally his approach has obviously paid dividends.

The other benefit of stalking fish during daylight is photography.  As I said last week Kelly owns what I can only describe as a very fancy camera and with that goes some very fancy lenses, including one with a polarised lens, this enables her to catch shots that many people will have never seen let alone taken a photograph of :


This is a shoal of 25lb-35lb fish.  I often try to explain to people how the fish shoal up together with their buddies of similar sizes, this explains why they are often caught in batches in quick succession and the fish are of similar sizes.  When people catch the big ones they are normally one-offs because they are usually in very small shoals if not even isolated individuals.

I have 3 Koi Carp in my lake, they never swim together but each one swims in a shoal of 30-40 fish, if you look closely you can see one of my red Koi in the top right area, this is his shoal, and having seen the sequence of shots preceding and following this one I know that this shoal is up to 40 fish.

In that single millisecond glimpse I can make out at least 18, what about you?

Kelly left me with over 800 photographs of which I have made a small selection to display the quality and variety of Martin’s catch and to demonstrate how good photographs can be achieved by a good photographer with good equipment.




For those of you who rely on your phone for everything just look at the quality of those night shots, superb.

This is a cheeky little one that I could not resist using, I often get people with photographs of one of our Kingfishers sitting on a rod tip but I do not think that I have seen 2 doing it together before:


The final tally was:

2 Kingfishers, No Babies, No doubles, 1 @ 20lb,  2 @ 24lb,  2 @ 26lb,  2 @ 27lb,  2 @ 28lb,  2 @ 29lb,  1 @ 31lb,  1 @ 32lb,  1 @ 35lb,  3 @ 37lb,  1 @ 38lb,  1 @ 40lb,  1 @ 44lb,  1 @ 48lb,  1 @ 52lb and 1 @ 53lb.

All-in-all,  a great family holiday combined with a great fishing trip, these guys really know how to achieve both.  It may be years now before we get to see Kelly and the kids again but Martin is planning a return trip in October 2018 when the weather will be considerably cooler, I am already looking forward to seeing what he can produce when he fishes full time !!

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