Catch Report – 18 September 2016

Another fantastic Father and Son session this week which resulted in only 11 big carp, but what stunning fish they all were, the smallest was 32lb 08oz and the biggest weighed in at 55lb 08oz, giving Dave and Ryan an average weight of over 41lb.  Not Bad!!

Dave was last here in 2014 with his mate Roy, and I did suggest in that catch report that they would have to get in a bit of practise, particularly casting, if they were to take advantage of my venue.  Their catch report for that week was a total of 4 carp between them with another 5 lost at the net.

Roy could not make it this year unfortunately so Dave brought along his son Ryan.  Now Ryan has not been fishing since he was a kid and this was his first trip outside of the UK, such a first that they had to apply for his passport in order for him to come over to France.  He seemed keen to give it a go and find out what all the fuss is about and I was curious as to how he would perform.

Dave has obviously been getting in some practise on his local waters at home but unfortunately he was still not able to reach the far bank with his casting so he had to adopt an unusual approach for my lake which was fishing the centre of the lake and the margins to his left and right.

He opted to fish swim 5 and in his own words he was going to fish as far as he could cast !  He also opted for a Boilie Only baiting strategy, which again is quite unusual on my venue, let alone an expensive option.

Dave was having to do all of the hard work from the off, effectively fishing for 2 as Ryan tried to absorb some of Dad’s instruction.  He had 6 rods on the go and concentrated on his left and right margins and the open water to his front and 45 degrees left and right.

Dave and Ryan were on our full meal package and this effectively restricted their fishing to afternoons and evenings as they operated around meal times and were not intending to fish nights.  The majority of fish for the last several weeks have all been caught at night.  This combined with his baiting strategy and fishing open water was giving me cause for concern, and I honestly thought that he would struggle to draw the fish away from their normal feasting area which is close to the far bank.

Sunday came and went, as did Monday, and by breakfast on Tuesday the lads had not had a sniff and I thought that my worse fears were going to materialise.  But, the hot weather was on the change, the daytime temperature was dropping, the mornings were getting increasingly chilly, the barometer was dropping fast, and the showers were having a go.  The water temperature was dropping off quite quickly and very suddenly it was quite obvious that the fish were changing their eating habits, they were everywhere along the length of the lake and they were all in the mid-water area ripping up the lake bed on the hunt for food.  Dave was quite suddenly surrounded by feeding carp with streams of bubbles showing everywhere.

I am convinced that the change in weather was enough to trigger the Carp’s natural instincts, they now know that Autumn is around the corner and it is time to start feeding up for the winter.  They had suddenly stopped lazing around in the sun in the far bank margins and were all taking lunch from swim 1 right through to swim 6.

The first fish was on the scales at 1.30pm on Tuesday afternoon and weighed in at a very nice 35lb 08oz, by the time the guys came up for dinner on Tuesday evening they had found their second at a very impressive 53lb 08oz.  Dave and Ryan were happy and the fish had found their boilies.

A nice 42 pounder on Wednesday afternoon kept the boy’s enthusiasm alive and I was starting to relax.  Another 5 fish on Thursday which included 2 more 50s sealed the deal and Dave had by far surpassed his previous catch, he was happy:


As for Ryan ?  Has he got the bug ?  Only time will tell, but with his PB Common starting at 33lb 12oz:


and a couple of 50 plus Mirrors with his PB at 53lb 08oz he might just think about it again.


As for Dad ?  didn’t he do well !!  That is only the second time that I have recorded a really good catch from the central basin of the lake but it does go to prove that you do not always have to hug that far bank.

The final tally was:

No babies, No doubles,  1 @ 32lb,  1 @ 33lb,  1 @ 35lb,  1 @ 37lb,  2 @ 38lb,  1 @ 39lb,  1 @ 42lb,  1 @ 50lb,  1 @ 53lb,  1 @ 55lb 08oz.

We hope to see the lads again but they have left it too late for next year,  there are still those few weeks left in 2018 Dave but you will have to be quick.

A PS for Ryan; next time Ryan don’t forget the sun-tan lotion.


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1 Response to Catch Report – 18 September 2016

  1. john n tina bruford says:

    Hiya guys long time no see we’ve had plentyof visitors this year all grand kids for the holidays etc,the reports are so welcome plus the fish are getting bigger n bigger somethings going well hope your levels are doing ok,, i must try and get down for a couple of nites, be good to see you both , hope alls well with the family , tina sends her lv,,,,
    sorry to hear about your fantom spoiler ,you should do what they have done on golf courses ive been to ,put up snake warning, it keeps the game going no wants to go in the rough then, well if they do hope the find one a ,, take care jon n tina xx

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