Catch Report – 18 May 2019

45 big carp to 50lb, lots of pike, some perch, some black bass, and, very importantly ; 1 grass carp.  It all added up to a great session for Ian and Tracy and their 2 lads;  Shaun and Liam, and lets not forget Shaun’s girlfriend; Saffron.

I mentioned in last weeks update on the spawning situation that Ian and the lads were going to adopt quite a mobile approach to their fishing as they know that it pays off to target showing fish.  And pay off it did, we have had some nice fish out from every swim on the lake this week.

As well as trying to catch plenty of big carp Shaun and Liam had a side bet on who could catch the most species, so much of their day time fishing was dedicated to spinning and other forms of fishing.  The predators, particularly the pike, were coming thick and fast and were quickly ticked off the list, even if you weren’t fishing for them, Ian!!

Ian was on swim 5 fishing standard boilie-baited rigs for carp and was getting takes which resulted in cleanly cut-off rigs, he soon discovered the problem when he managed to bring a 25 pound pike all the way to the landing net before that rig was also severed.

Despite plenty of predators Shaun could not catch a Perch, but he was confident that the species challenge was a draw because he had managed to catch our one and only Tench, a very nice fish weighing in at over 8.5 lb.

Unbeknown to Shaun, Liam had found himself a Grassie on Tuesday and because no one was around at the time he kept it secret from Shaun right through to Saturday morning just before they left for home.

At 41lb 09oz it was a very nice fish in it’s own right but it also sealed the result of the Species Challenge :


Liam may have won the Species Challenge but he only managed to find 10 big carp to 47lb:


Brother Shaun found our one Tench but he also managed 16 big carp to 48lb:


But it was Dad, Ian, who took the Top Rod award with a very impressive 19 big carp to 50lb:


Despite some very covert and strange spawning behaviour from the carp and the ever-changing weather, the lads have had a very good session, their final tally was :

Numerous Pike, Perch and Black Bass,  one Tench,  zero baby carp,  2 doubles at 18lb a piece,   1 @ 24lb,   1 @ 26lb,   3 @ 27lb,   3 @ 29lb,   1 @ 30lb,   2 @ 31lb,   3 @ 32lb,   3 @ 33lb,   2 @ 34lb,   3 @ 35lb,   4 @ 36lb,   2 @ 37lb,   1 @ 38lb,   4 @ 40lb,   2 @ 41lb,   1 @ 42lb,   1 @ 43lb,   4 @ 47lb,   1 @ 48lb, and 1 at 50lb.

I am at a total loss this week on the subject of spawning, there has not been a sign of normal spawning activity.  By normal I mean the males beating up on the females and groups of them thrashing away in the margins, etc, etc.

Having said that I have been studying the carp in my front stock pond and they have been acting very strangely.  All week they have been shoaled up tightly together in the shallow corner of the pond where the waterfall enters, they have been doing nothing in particular just swimming around each other nice and steadily in the shallow water, every now and again one would do a side swipe along the bottom of the lake and that would be about it.

They have not been coming out in to the sunny areas for a sunbathe as they would normally, they have not been chasing each other nor thrashing about in the reeds, nothing, very, very unusual activity.

Interestingly though the roach and rudd have been mixing it with the carp in the shallows as they would be if the carp were dropping eggs.

I have never seen this behaviour before but if they are spawning then they are doing so in a manner I have never witnessed before.  I would be interested in your comments on this.

Ian did say that they were catching fish that were obviously still yet to spawn but they were also catching fish that he said were skinny as if they had just spawned out.

Interesting !!

We will not be seeing Ian and Tracy next year as we are fully booked, but we do look forward to their return in 2021.  I will have to think of another species to add to the lake before then.  What about Gudgeon ?

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