Catch Report – 25 May 2019

Eamonn and Jane on the lake again this week and 15 big carp to 55lb was just the icing on the cake for a very well organised couple enjoying a well earned holiday.

Eamonn and Jane were here 2 years ago, and guess what, they caught 15 big carp, so they are nothing if not consistent.  Having said that, this session they did drop a lot of fish and the total should have been well in to the twenties.

They do like to be comfortable while fishing and they set up a good camp.  Based on swim 5 they had full kitchen facilities, a portable loo, and in the Cabin were 2 king-sized bedchairs with continental quilts and carpets.  Yes you read that correctly, continental quilts no less, and carpets.  Very upmarket.


The weather started off a little cool and damp on occasion but it became warmer and drier as the week progressed, we were threatened with thunder and lightening storms on most days but they never actually materialised.  We have been very lucky really, it could have been a miserable week.

The wind changed direction by 180 degrees more than once during the session and the changeable conditions were most definately having an affect on the fish, they have been on the move in great numbers.

The sun was high on Tuesday and for the first time in a while the big carp were up on the surface enjoying a sunbathe in swims 5 and 6.  On Wednesday they were all in the bay opposite swim 3, on Thursday they were in the shallow water directly in front of swim 4, by Friday lunchtime they were ripping up the shallows in swims 3 and 2, and by Friday evening Eamonn and Jane were watching them ripping up the silt beds in swim 1, on the bloodworm hunt.

I say bloodworm as a general term but actually it is that time of the year when not only do we still have loads of tadpoles around and we are getting massive midge hatches every day but there is an abundance of different fly hatchings, including the first of the dragon flies and damsel flies.  All of this means only one thing;  the fish are on naturals and it will take a lot of bait to interrupt that feeding pattern !!

Eamonn and Jane did try a couple of daytime excursions in to other swims but they only had limited success so they persisted with their chosen spots on swim 5.  They might not have caught loads but they did catch some very nice fish which included 2 x 40s and 3 x 50s.

Both had new PBs with Eamonn finding a 55lb Common:


And with Jane finding a 53lb Mirror as the last fish of their session:


Their final tally was :

Zero Babies,  Zero Doubles,  1 @ 21lb,   2 @ 29lb,   2 @ 32lb,   2 @ 33lb,   1 @ 34lb,   2 @ 39lb,   2 @ 40lb,   1 @ 52lb,   1 @ 53lb and 1 at 55lb.

We will not be seeing Eamonn and Jane for a while but we have added them to our waiting list for next year.  Helen and I look forward to their next session and who knows, with a little bit of rig tweaking that total could double !

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