Our Genet (what a shock)

Helen and I had a couple of friends over for a pot of tea on Sunday, Adrian and Susan.

After wagging our collective jaws for an hour or 2 we decided to go for a walk around the lake, Adrian and Susan had heard us talk about our place on numerous occasions but this was their first visit and they were interested to see the sights.

The sun was shining and it was a perfect day for a walk, but, there was a surprise in store that no one was expecting.

We had walked as far as the stock ponds when I noticed that my Coypu trap had been activated, it was not clearly visible due to the length of the grass so we decided to check it out.

What a massive surprise when we discovered one of these little chaps looking back at us:

large-spotted genet

A Genet.

A bit bigger than a domestic cat and native to Africa they were introduced in to southern europe over a 1000 years ago and are now quite obviously well established.

There have been numerous sightings of this strange little animal by many different guests over the years but try as I might I have never managed to see one.

Well, now I have, and to all of you who reported the sightings and whom I have half doubted, I humbly apologise,  the Genet really does exist.

We all stood and ooooood and aaarrrrd for a couple of minutes and Helen wanted to rush home and get her camera but we decided to let him (or her) go rather than prolong it’s confusion.

It had certainly been in the trap for at least 24 hours and it would have been unfair to keep it in there any longer so I lifted the end gate and off he ran.

Will I ever see him again ?  I don’t know but I certainly hope so.

If you are lucky so will you.



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2 Responses to Our Genet (what a shock)

  1. eamonn barker says:

    Just stunning,missing you both and your home already,regards Eamonn and Jane

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