New Lake Record – 66lb 06oz

A relative newcomer to carping Adi Gossage arrived last Saturday with a PB of sub-20lb.

He worked his way through the 20s, and the 30s, and the 40s, and everyone thought he was doing well when he landed a biggie at 53lb 7oz, but he wasn’t stopping there.

He was packing up on Thursday having to travel home early Friday morning, and at 4pm, what was possibly his last fish of the session, arrived on the bank as his second 50 at 52lb 08oz, but he still had an hour to go.

I had pre-arranged to pick him and his kit up between 4.30 and 5pm, I arrived at 4.45 and there was the whole family gathered around the cradle looking at what was a possible lake record.

Wanting any new record to be correct I took over and after waiting for every drop of water to leave the weigh-sling we weighed the fish at 66lb 08oz, but, we had to be sure that the scales were correctly zeroed with the weigh sling, on checking they were 2oz out, so after correction we all agreed the new lake record as 66lb 06oz :


Well done Adi.  Full catch report on Sunday morning as usual.

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2 Responses to New Lake Record – 66lb 06oz

  1. martin currie says:

    They are certainly pilling in the pounds, is that Pumba again making an appearance?

    • Tony says:

      Yes, he is a bit keen this year, third time out, but then he will shortly dissappear for the rest of the season, he normally does.

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