Catch Report – 01 June 2019

One of those nice family holidays this week, a nice steady pace and everyone enjoyed themselves in their own way.  The 26 big carp to 66lb with new PBs and a new Lake Record was all just a bonus.

Kevin has been several times before and has had varying degrees of success, he normally comes with a few of his mates but this year he decided to make it a family affair, he was accompanied by his wife Maria and their 2 kids Charlie and Francesca .  Brother Adrian, (aka Big Adi) and his wife Louise were also along for the ride.

Despite having to leave a day early and having to take time out for shopping trips and sight-seeing excursions, and a bit of spawning activity from the fish, Kevin has had what I believe to be his best ever result with 13 big carp to 55lb 12oz :


Being the experienced carper and having to take the lead role brought you some luck Kevin.  Charlie thinks that Dad is the Bee’s Knee’s of all Carpers and everywhere that Kevin went Charlie would not be far away :


A new carper in the making Charlie ??

Maria was less lucky unfortunately, she was hoping for lots of sunshine but the weather at the start of their week was mostly over-cast, the sun returned on Wednesday and was positively beaming on Thursday but then they spent most of the day packing up and getting ready for an early get away on Friday.  I hate to say it Maria but it has been baking hot ever since !!

Hats off to Louise who just enjoyed the environment as a whole, she is seriously into her fizz and was always wizzing around the lake or the french countryside like Usain Bolt, she also made good use of our gym facilities.  When she wasn’t hurtling around the place she would be found relaxing around the lake.

Big Adi has done plenty of fishing in his day but he is relatively new to the carping scene, his experience to-date was limited to the UK and his PB was sub-20lb, he had it all to play for.

On Saturday when he arrived he said that he would be happy with a 30, but how things can change !!

He was taking his lead from Kevin and they started their session by sharing swim 4.  By close of play on Monday they had found 13 fish between them, 8 to Kevin and 5 to Adi.


Adi was gaining in confidence and he had already improved his PB to over 32lb, it was time to go it alone, he moved up to swim 5, and what a wise decision, his first fish on Tuesday morning from swim 5 was 53lb 07oz:


Welcome to the world of big-boy carping, suddenly Adi had a problem !!!!!!!!

How could he have a problem I hear you all asking, he has just landed a 53 pounder !!

Exactly.  Now he had a new PB that most people only dream of, and it could prove to be impossible to ever beat.

By Wednesday he realised that he wasn’t using enough bait so he quite sensibly increased his feed rate, it took a while to have the desired affect but once it did he was into a much improved and regular catch rate, if only he could have kept going for the extra day.

On Thursday he realised that he was running out of time to beat his new PB, “I just want one really big one”, he said.  What ever happened to be being happy with a 30, obviously in Adi’s new carping world 53lb is just a tiddler !!

At 4pm he thought he was in with a chance when he landed another 50;  52lb 8oz.  Alas, it looked as though it was not to be, but he still had nearly an hour to go, could he ?

Talk about leaving it to the last minute.  I arrived at swim 5 at 4.45pm to pick up Adi and his kit, it was the end of his session.  But, when I arrived the whole family were looking at a fish in the cradle.

Could it be?  Could he have?

He bloody well could, and he bloody well did, not only had he beaten a potentially unbeatable PB but he had also increased my Lake Record to 66lb 06oz :


Well done Big Adi.

The final tally was :

Zero Babies,  1 Double at 18lb 8oz,  1 @ 24lb,   2 @ 27lb,   3 @ 30lb,   4 @ 32lb,   1 @ 35lb,   2 @ 38lb,   2 @ 39lb,   3 @ 40lb,   1 @ 41lb,   1 @ 47lb,   2 @ 52lb,   1 @ 53lb,   1 @ 55lb,   and 1 at 66lb 06oz.

A great holiday for a great family, but, that only leaves one question.

Where to next Adi ?

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