R&R Report – 11 August 2019

Our 2 weeks of R&R came to an end yesterday and as ever I now feel like I need a week off, absolutely cream-crackered.  At least the fish have had a hard earnt rest.

It has continued to be baking hot but thankfully the weather started to change this week, by the time I went to the airport yesterday to pick up Lee Johnson and his group it was a lot fresher, only 28C,  and today we actually have rain, proper rain not just showers.

I expect this drop of rain will be good for the fishing, it has certainly woken up my stockies in the front pond, I have seen more fish boshing out in the last 3 hours than I have seen in the last 3 months.

All the signs are positive for a good session, the 3 lads on this week did not get set up much before 9pm last night and by the time they came up for breakfast at 9am this morning they had their first 5 big carp recorded on their catch sheets.  I will give you their full catch report next weekend as usual.

The on-going good weather has meant that I could get plenty of works progressed and in particular I am trying to get the outside of the house painted before the winter sets in, I have already done the big bit which was the face of the house including the conservatory, now I have managed to finish one of the sides.

From this :


To this :


You have to look hard to see the difference but believe me the preparation and repair work was a daunting task, the painting was the easy bit.  That is 2 sides done, 2 sides to go.

The one job that I did not want to do but had little choice, was the Oak Tree, remember where I had got to :


It really was proving to be an inconvenience, it was bad enough that everyone was having to climb over it or walk around the back of it, but the worst problem was that I could not drive my quad and trailer straight through, I was having to make a U-turn at swim 6 in an area that was hardly wide enough.

It took me 2 full afternoons but at least it is out of the way, ish !!  I can now drive straight through :


But there is still work to do :


Each one of these lumps of wood is a 2 man roll, they are impossible to lift, but once it is all split and moved to my wood shed it will provide fire wood for the house for the better part of a whole winter.  I might just have to leave them where they are for a year so that they can dry out and become light enough to lift onto my log splitter.

It has not been all work and no play though, thankfully.  Helen has managed to get out and about riding her horses, we have had more friends around for BBQs, and we have managed a couple of very long lazy lunches at one of our favourite restaurants and also at a new one.

One of our guests, Mr Kevin Watts, recommended a place to us last time he was here and we have been promising ourselves a trip out ever since.  Well last Sunday we managed to find the time and we went out for lunch with friends of ours; Paul and Carmen Armfield.

What a superb lunch, the food was of the highest standard, Helen and Carmen loved the Gin and Tonic(s), the staff were great, but the ambience was perfect.  We sat outside looking out over the river which was great but the whole place is in a tremendous setting and from the moment we parked the car we all instantly agreed that it was a stunning venue.

It is 35 minutes south from us but if you are ever in the vicinity and you fancy a very nice luncheon experience, or an evening meal then I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Le Moulin de La Tardoire, take a look :


No lunches for the next few weeks as it is back to business as usual tomorrow, I am sat here watching this very welcome rain and the grass is slowly changing colour from brown back to green, I can hear it growing so I best go and warm up the ride-on !!!

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