Catch Report – 17 August 2019

Three Lads from Hull on the lake this week for a nice relaxing social, they were going to be happy with one fish per day, so 28 big carp to 50lb 10oz and a whole pile of new PBs was a fantastic result.

Lee (Johno), Ryan (Ry) and James (Jim).    Lee and Ryan have been here before but it was a first for James, they drew for swims and for who was going to be fishing with who, as it happened Lee was on swim 6 and Ryan and James shared swim 5.

James quite rightly wanted to share with one of the others who had a little more experience, but, most importantly, Lee and Ryan had baitboats whereas James did not.

I did mention to the Lads that the weakness with their plan was that they only had half the lake covered and that the big carp would no doubt move away and end up at the other end of the lake.

Guess what happened !!

The Lads were in to fish from the off and they had 5 in the bag and a few dropped within the first 24 hours, a fantastic start.  But, as sure as eggs are eggs, by Monday afternoon the fish were starting to move away and then they spent the rest of the week swimming around between swims 1 through to 4.

The Lads did have an ocassional dabble for them which produced an extra fish or 2 but generally they were content to stay where they were.

Fortunately for the Lads the fish continued with their nightly patrols and paid the Lads a visit every night which routinely produced 1 or 2 fish each.  James seemed to have the better slice of the action fishing the right hand side of swim 5 in the direction of swim 4 but unfortunately he dropped as many as he caught.

It was probably quite fortunate that they only caught a couple each per night as James and Ryan were permanently asleep, catching one or two fish per night interferred with their sleep patterns and proved to be exhausting !!!  God help them if they ever come back and have a bag-up week and end up with one fish per hour as can sometimes be the case.

In Ryan’s defence though he was quite poorly for a couple of days which no doubt put him off his normal stride.

As previously said the Lads were quite happy with one fish per day so aiming to catch 1 or 2 per night became their new target and they made a very conscious decision to enjoy the social side by day and only fish by night.

It obviously paid off because Lee managed to find 8 with his best going over 50lb :

Big Ben

Despite dropping a whole load James seemed to constantly improve on his PBs and ended the session with 9 fish to 45lb :


Despite being quite ill James still managed to pull it out of the bag and picked up Top Rod with 11 big carp to 49lb :


All-in-all a great social and a great week’s fishing, their final tally was :

Zero Babies,   1 Double at 17lb,   1 @ 20lb,   1 @ 23lb,   1 @ 28lb,   1 @ 29lb,   3 @ 30lb,   3 @ 31lb,   1 @ 32lb,   2 @ 33lb,   2 @ 35lb,   1 @ 36lb,   1 @ 37lb,   2 @ 38lb,   2 @ 39lb,   1 @ 41lb,   1 @ 43lb,   1 @ 45lb,   1 @ 46lb,   1 @ 49lb, and one at 50lb 10oz.

Ryan is booked to come back in a couple of years but Lee is returning with 2 different friends in 3 weeks time whereupon he should now prove to be the font of all knowledge.

On a slightly different note, the weather.  Although the days are continuing to be very warm we have had a couple of nippy mornings this week, only for an hour or two, but if you are booked to come over during the next couple of months don’t forget to pack a bit of warm gear.

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