Catch Report Summary – 2019

I am a great one for quoting facts and figures at everyone when they are here fishing and people do sometimes wonder where I get it all from, well the answer is simple, I get it from Helen’s spreadsheet.

You will all know that my fish are micro-chipped and every detail from those little catch sheets that Helen and I get you to complete is duly transferred on to her spreadsheet, this can then be interrogated to produce all manner of information.

I am not pretending for a moment that I know how to do this because I don’t, but Helen does.  I ask for the information that I need and she produces the stats, the only weakness with the system is that it is only as accurate as the information that has been input to it.

There is always an occasion when people forget to scan a fish or forget to record a number, or weight, etc, but the vast majority of you keep immaculate records of your catches and as a consequence I reckon that our data is 99% accurate.

This is an invaluable tool and it allows us to manage our fishery with the accuracy that we do, to everyone who has contributed to the data this season we thank you all for your input as we could not do this without you.

The average catch this season has gone up as has the total weight of fish but the average weight of each fish has dropped, this is mainly due to the fact that I introduced some new stockies last Winter and they have been appearing on catch records at an alarming rate and bringing the average down !!  Hungry little blighters.

As usual we have only fished 26 weeks of this year, we have had a total of 66 anglers plus 10 other non-fishing guests so the average number of anglers per week has been 2.538, lets call it 2 and a half.

In between that we have been completely closed for 6 weeks randomly spread throughout the season, so if you add that into the mix then the average is reduced to 2.06 anglers per week of the 32 week season that we operate around.

I must be a politician because I can make up stats as I go, if you spread the 66 anglers across the year then it works out to 1.26 anglers per week for the whole of 2019.

I prefer to use the first version because it gives a truthful indication of how lightly fished our venue is; an average of 2.5 anglers per week for 26 weeks of the year.

The total weight of fish caught this season is 32 thousand 161 pounds, yes 32,161 lbs, if you divide that between our lucky 66 anglers then that is an average of 487 lbs each.

We have recorded a total of 925 fish caught, divide that into the total weight and it gives an average of 34.78 pounds per fish, or in real money that is slightly shy of 34lb 12oz.

This is down on last year’s average but, as said,  that is mainly due to the number of times the new stockies have been showing up as sub-20lb fish.

We have recorded 203 individual fish caught but we have also recorded 53 fish as non tagged or no tag recorded, primarily the latter.  Obviously we have no way of knowing for sure whether some of the 53 are the same fish as the 203 or completely different fish so the best I can say is that the total of individual fish caught is between 203 and 256.

If you divide these figures into the 925 fish caught then you can conclude that the average number of times that each fish has been caught is between 4.55 and 3.61 times per fish per season.  Obviously some more than others.

What I can say is that this season we have had 3 fish caught for the very first time since we stocked them in 2012, so that has been a very pleasant surprise.  We also still have several fish that we have never accounted for since their initial stocking so I am convinced that there are more surprises to come.

The total caught of 925 divided by the number of anglers makes for an average of 14.015 fish per angler per week, lets call it 14.  That is up from 2018 when the average was 12, but of course that is only an average.

Every angler is different and the conditions vary from week to week and even from day to day.  Another key element is the number of anglers fishing on any one week and how they spread themselves around the lake.  Here are some interesting stats :

Groups of 1 angler;  the best 1 angler catch was 63 fish, the least best was 9 fish.

Groups of 2 anglers;  the best 2 angler catch was 96 fish, the least best was 9 fish.

Groups of 3 anglers;  the best 3 angler catch was 69 fish, the least best was 14 fish.

Groups of 4 anglers;  the best 4 angler catch was 85 fish, the least best was 28 fish.

Groups of 5 anglers;  The best and worst was the same group with 47 fish.

You can interpret these stats in many ways but I would say that if you are by yourself and you are “on-the-fish” then the potential is there for the session of a lifetime, but, be aware if you cannot locate the fish, because 10 acres is a lot to cover by one angler and they are not always easy to find.

Groups of 4 produce a better average across the group providing everyone with the chance of a good average session.

I have had to massage the figures slightly as we did have a 2 angler group who only caught 3 fish, but they were only here for a 24 hour session so I have removed them from the above stats.

We have also added to our dry-net total this season by 2, giving a grand total to-date of 5.  One was a genuine dry net and try as he might he could not locate the fish.  The second is questionable as the chap in question had to leave rather early and go home so he never actually had a chance to rectify the situation.  But stats are stats and 5 dry nets in the 7 years we have been recording them is a pretty good stat in my book.

The Big Carp Award this season goes to Big Adi who is currently our lake record holder at 66lb 06oz :


The Top Rod Award was less simple as I have been torn between 2 catches.  Geoff knocked up a total of 63 big carp for 2195 lb of fish and he was fishing all by himself, that was an amazing feat.

63a - IMG_5154

But stats are stats and I have awarded this season’s Top Rod to Garry, and although he was part of a 2 man group he still knocked up an amazing individual total of 72 big carp for a total weight of 2421 lbs.


I am sure that you will agree that it has been a fantastic season across the board.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for next season.


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