The 2022 Season


I am just posting this as a reminder that the calendar for the 2022 Season will open from mid-night on the 30th of November.

Importantly, that is 11 pm UK time, to be fair to all please do not submit your application before this time.

All inquiries will be dealt with in order that they arrive in my in-box, please ensure that you use the following e-mail address :

If you have multiple options please list all of your dates on the one e-mail in order of preference.  In the event that I am unable to allocate you with your first option I will allocate your second option, and so on.

If you are trying to reserve multiple weeks please ensure that this is made clear in your e-mail.

I will reply to all inquiries before close of play on Sunday the 1st of December.

If it is of any interest there are still 2 weeks available for the 2021 season and they are the 10th and the 17th of July.


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2 Responses to The 2022 Season

  1. Terry White says:

    Hi Tony
    Hope you and Helen are both well. See you on Sat 9th May next year
    So here are my multiple options for Season 2022
    1st Choice April 23rd 2022
    2nd Choice April 30th 2022
    3rd Choice May 7th 2022
    4th Choice Oct 8th 2022.

    Many Thanks
    Terry , Richard,Bob and Jason


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