Catch report – 12 April 2020

69 Big Carp to 52lb

That was the headline for this week last year when Marcus and his family had the session of a lifetime :



Unfortunately, the conditions continue to be perfect for a repeat of that catch but of course there has been no one here to take advantage of the situation, it should have been Ray and his group :


The weather has been amazing, dry and sunny, warm at night, mid to high 20s in the afternoons, and very light winds.  The Roach and Rudd have been spawning, and the big carp are feasting on spawn and tadpoles, life in the lake couldn’t be happier.

Ray and The Lads last fished here in 2017 and that was when he booked his holiday for this week, it really is a shame to have waited so long for something to then have it forcible removed from in front of you.  Never mind Ray hopefully your session in September might still go ahead.

Helen and I meanwhile, find ourselves with an abundance of time on our hands, except for Helen popping out to the Intermarche once per week for the bare essentials we are self-isolating to the ultimate level.  Thankfully we are not struggling to find things to occupy our time, in fact the complete opposite is true, we have so much choice we don’t know which job to do next.

I treated the swimming pool to it’s spring-clean this week and I must admit that I was tempted to take a dip !!!  Next week maybe.

The Horses have finished mowing the grass in the apple orchard and have now been moved down to their Summer pasture, they are being groomed to perfection but they are having to earn the attention though as Helen is doing so much riding she is wearing a track around the lake.  We were up in the woods the other day cutting up some old fir trees to open up some disused tracks to give her greater variety.

The thing of note for this week has been the refurbishment of the Cabin on swim 4, it really did require some TLC :


The only thing holding the roofing felt together was the moss and the fall-out from the oak trees, so that had to go :


New tiles, a good rub-down with a wire brush, and a couple of coats of preservative, it looks as good as new :



All we need now is a couple of anglers to try it out.

Next week I am going to do some maintenance on my stock ponds. I was watching the fish yesterday and many of them are rapidly approaching the 20lb mark so will soon be eligible for promotion to the big lake.

The rear pond is the smallest and also the shallower of the 3, consequently it warms up quicker than the others, yesterday the carp were playing the chase-me chase-me game, that is always the preamble to spawning.

If the warm weather continues then we may well be in for an early spawning this season, I will let you know how that goes.

Remember, stay at home and stay safe.


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4 Responses to Catch report – 12 April 2020

  1. says:

    Tony and Helen,Thanks so much for your regular update.It really does lift the spirits and seeing the lake brings back so many memories especially the swim and cabin on 4.We are fine in isolation.Very lucky to have a big garden and garage so plenty to do.Lots of people dont.Keep up the good work. Best regards.Steve And Annette Ling.

    • Tony says:

      Hi Steve and Annette, got to keep busy or this thing would send us all insane. Good to hear you are keeping well, stay safe, Tony and Helen

  2. ANDREW SMITH says:

    Great update Tony, good job on swim 4 the Colonel will be pleased when come in 2021. We are booked in at a lake in September, hopefully we will be allowed to go.

    Keep well.

    Swim 5 Andy (Bognor Crew)

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