Catch Report – 19 April 2020

27 Big Carp to 44lb

This week last season was a bit of a struggle for Kevin, Charlie and Chris due to a change in weather conditions, but their persistence paid off with a respectable catch of 27 big carp to 44lb :


Paul and Keith should have been on the lake this week but alas another session falls casualty to the Coronavirus situation.  Bit of a shame as the conditions continue to be perfect and the fish are hungry, it could have been sooooooooo good Paul, you will just have to console yourself with the thought of the 54 pounder you caught last season :

image4 (2)

I have studied my lake, and the results that it produces, for long enough now to just know when we are in for a big haul of fish, and this last week would have been one of those sessions.  The weather has been perfect for weeks, warm pleasant nights, glorious warm sunny days but not too hot, afternoon temperatures have been up in the mid-20s, light winds, just enough to put a ripple on the surface.   PERFECT.

On top of that the fish are hungry, and the lack of anglers on the bank has allowed them to move freely around in areas they would normally shy away from, they are showing everywhere.

Because of the glorious weather and lack of disturbance the big carp have been spending plenty of time down in the shallow water, on Friday I was treated to a rare spectacle; a massive shoal of big carp ripping up the blood-worm beds in swim one.

A few of you have witnessed something like this yourself but on Friday there were 40 and 50 pound fish in less than 2 feet of water feeding where I have never seen them feed before, big fat bellies scraping the bottom whilst dorsal fins and tail fins were sticking up in to just fresh air, if only I had had my camera with me.

The shallow shallows are normally the domain of the small fish, but not on Friday.  It is only now that I realise that I might never get to see that again, they probably do this on a regular basis at night when they are at their most active and this activity goes someway to explaining some of those feeding holes that I published in my last sequence of videos.

Just when you think you have seen it all !!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately we have reached the time of year when the grass never stops growing, so much of our time is taken up doing just that ; cutting grass.  It takes me and Helen 2 full days to cut it all and it needs cutting every 3rd day, I will leave you to do the maths on that.

Other than that I have turned my eye toward the stock ponds, shamefully they have been neglected somewhat this last year or 2.  They are a beautiful spot in their own right, I used to have a bench up there but once I had sat on it I couldn’t bring myself to get back up, I could sit and study the ponds all day so I took it away.  It is so tranquil :


At first glance it looks like a mini-paradise, but on closer inspection I have allowed it to become a little too natural.  A couple of afternoons with my chainsaw and tractor has brought things under control though, and this :


has transformed to this :


And this :


To this :


That’s better.  Either way the fish don’t care, in fact they probably prefer it with trees in rather than trees out, but it is nice to see that some have survived the “Cull by Heron” and are now pushing the 20lb mark, also there is a shoal of roach with some absolute stonkers in it.

As for the Coronavirus we are currently in lock-down until the 11th of May, we are expecting a government briefing at 5.30pm this afternoon which is intended to outline how and when the restrictions are going to be eased, slowly and carefully is expected to be the party line though so I am not holding out too much hope for an improvement in the situation in the very short term.

For now I hope you all stay well and stay safe.

I will update you again next weekend.



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