Catch Report – 09 August 2020

58 Big Carp to 55lb 08oz

Looks like a great headline for a group of 4 on the lake this week but behind the headline is a tale of 2 halves.

John, Dave and Andy have been here before on several occasions, and Jim was on his first visit, either way we started the session with a tour of the lake to find some fish.

As it turned out there were fish showing everywhere, but particularly in swims 1, 2 and 3, the big carp had polished off any residual bait from last week’s session and they were back on the naturals and ripping the place to pieces.

Normally the Saturday question facing most groups is :   where do we start ?  Not this group, they had already decided that they were fishing in pairs, John and Dave in one team and Andy and Jim in the other, they had split the lake in 2 parts, swim 5 and 6 being for one team with swims 3 and 4 being for the other, all that was left to do was the draw.

The draw was simple, 2 balls in the hat numbered 1 and 2, as the new kid on the block Jim had the honour, if he picked ball one he got first choice, if he picked 2 he got what was left.

The conversation before, during, and following the draw was somewhat protracted, and that was followed by another debate about which member of each team was going to fish which of their 2 swims.

Eventually all was sorted, team 1 had Andy in swim 6, and Jim in swim 5,  team 2 had John in swim 4 and Dave in swim 3, where all the fish were !!!!!!!

I don’t like draws myself because I know that the fish will shoal up somewhere at some point and the result is always the same; someone does great and someone will not !!

Everyone had the same bait, and plenty of it, everyone had bait-boats complete with fish finders, the match was on.

By the time I took The Boys around for their lunchtime walk on Sunday things had started quite well, Andy was having a great session with 5 in the bag and I left him playing his 6th, Jim was yet to get off the mark but he was surrounded by feeding fish and was feeling very optimistic, John had one on the card and the signs were positive, Dave had lost a monster and there were still plenty of fish around in the shallow swims.

By Monday lunchtime things had settled down and the fish were concentrated along the dam wall, Dave was starting to feel frustrated as there was not a single solitary sign of a fish anywhere, John had landed 5 and they were all coming from the left side of his swim in the deeper water, Jim had his first fish in the early hours and was quite chuffed although I could not figure out why he was not catching more, Andy was having the time of his life and had already landed his 12th.

During the week the big shoals were moving around and would pay an occasional visit to Dave in the shallow swims but he was struggling to make anything out of it, I did at one point think that we might be recording our first dry-net of the season, thankfully Dave persisted and despite dropping 3 more he eventually managed to land one.  We didn’t get a photograph but this is Dave from a previous visit :


Team mate John had the perfect average session recording a total of 12 big carp, he found 2 lovely 50s and added more than 10lb to his PB which now stands at 55lb 08oz :


Team “The Old Boys” managed a grand total of 13.

On swim 5 Jim had also improved his PB by a lump and had managed to find 6 corkers with his best going to 53lb 12oz.  I still can’t figure out why you didn’t manage to pinch a few more Jim.  No photos of Jim unfortunately.

Then we come to Andy, what a draw.  Not that I am suggesting it was all down to the draw because it wasn’t, Andy had found the fish, and he fished it like a true pro, lots of bait being delivered in small amounts but continually, he kept those fish feeding and that kept them in his swim, every time I went down the lake Andy was working away at those fish and his total says it all; 39 big carp to 43lb 08oz :

IMG_20200802_081753 (2)

Team “The Young Ones” managed a grand total of 45.

The final tally was :

Zero Babies,   Zero Doubles,   1 @ 20lb,   4 @ 23lb,   5 @ 24lb,   2 @ 26lb,   2 @ 27lb,   6 @ 28lb,   4 @ 29lb,   2 @ 30lb,   4 @ 31lb,   5 @ 32lb,   1 @ 33lb,   5 @ 34lb,   2 @ 36lb,   2 @ 37lb,   3 @ 38lb,   1 @ 39lb,   1 @ 40lb,   2 @ 41lb,   3 @ 43lb,   1 @ 53lb  1 @ 54lb and one at 55lb.

We won’t be seeing the Guys again for a couple of years but hopefully they will be planning their next visit for 2023.

We are closed this week as it is the last of our Coronavirus cancellations which we were not able to fill, consequently there will not be a full catch report next Sunday, having said that I have a couple of my local friends who might try and take advantage of the situation and squeeze in a couple of days, if they do I will let you know how they get on.

Meanwhile take care and stay safe.

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2 Responses to Catch Report – 09 August 2020

  1. Good week Tony, hope you and Helen are well?. Stuart JONES.

    • Tony says:

      Hello Stuart, nice to hear from you, yes we are fine thank you as we hope you both are also. Just keeping a bit of a low profile really, social distancing is much the norm for us during the fishing season so don’t really notice much difference. You guys take care of yourselves and maybe we will see you both over dinner one evening when all of the nutty tourists have gone home. Regards, Tony

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