Weekly Report – 16 August 2020

It is a bit more of a general progress report this week rather than a catch report as we have been closed due to a COVID-19 cancellation that we could not re-fill.

Two of our local lads, who are also family friends, managed to scrounge a bit of time off work and popped over for a bit of a session, Jon-Jon and Vince.  They used to be regular visitors when we first opened up and I used to do day-tickets but it is a rare opportunity when they can get on nowadays.

They fished their preferred swim which is swim 3 and although there were not many fish showing they chipped away at it and produced  5 nice Carp at 29lb, 34lb, 36lb, 40lb and 54lb.

One of our regular anglers, Lee, arrived yesterday afternoon accompanied by 3 of his daughters, a bit of an unusual combination but the 2 youngest, Indie and Maizie, are super keen and are running around like Daddy’s little helpers, whereas Rosie, the older of the 3 is more inclined to chill-out in the Gite watching TV.

Either way it is a combination that seems to work as by breakfast this morning they already had 4 nice fish on the catch-sheet, 1 double at 18lb, 1 at 29lb, 1 at 44lb and 1 at 52lb.  All out of swim 5.

I will give you Lee’s full catch report next weekend.

As a result of things being a bit on the quiet side I have progressed a couple of my ongoing projects.

The mystery project, which most of you guessed to be a bar or BBQ is coming on well, I now have the new lights installed as well as the sockets, the BBQ and beer fridge is in place, all I have left to do is install the kitchen units, the work-top, the Plancha, the draught beer, and it should be ready to go.


I forgot, I still have the bar-top to create, if anyone out there has a supply of nice thick terracotta floor tiles at least 250mm wide then i would be interested.  I can’t find any as everything is ceramic nowadays.  I might have to try the reclamation yards.

I have built this primarily for family use, and I must stress at this point that it is not for public use, but commencing next season I will be offering Beer & Burger lunches for groups that fancy a couple of hours off the rods, and for those who wish to celebrate special occasions I will be offering full BBQ afternoons.

Watch this space for more information in the New Year.

I have moved on with my new shower-block, it is actually the old utility room and at the moment it looks like this :


Not the prettiest facility as it stands but I have now approved the plans and starting next week I am going to gut the inside, after that it is just a case of installing a new and fully insulated ceiling with modern lighting and extractors, replace the floor, install a shower cubicle, a new toilet, a bathroom unit for washing and shaving, and a couple of units with work-top, sink, power points, etc.  And lets not forget the radiator to keep things all nice and toastie.

It may take a while to complete all of the works but you will shortly be able to find this offered on the web-site as a Drive and Survive option ready for the 2023 season.

COVID 19 is once again causing problems but generally most of our guests seem intent on coming and they will suffer the consequences of self-isolating on their return to the UK.  The situation may improve, then again it may deteriorate, we just do not know.

We are playing each week as it comes at the moment and trying to do our best, what I do know is that if you can get here safely there is no safer place to be for a week, and to top it off the fish are feeding.

Full catch report next week, till then, keep you heads down and stay safe.



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2 Responses to Weekly Report – 16 August 2020

  1. Another interesting report. You are keeping busy with the renovations, which look good. Will we be able to join you for burger and chips sometime soon, paying guests of course. Best wishes to you and Helen.


    • Tony says:

      Got to do something to keep me out of the pubs Stuart !! Once we feel comfy about inviting guests you will be on our list, no chips at my BBQs though.

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