Catch Report – 23 August 2020

28 big carp to 53lb

A great finale to a family holiday, Mum and the little kids stayed at home while Dad and the three eldest had a fun session in Disneyland Paris, followed by a proper session here at Le Moulin.

Left to right : Lee (Dad), Indie, Maizie, and Rosie.

DSCF3844 (2)

At first I thought it was rather brave of Lee to try and balance a fishing trip with a family holiday but it so happened that it turned out to be a great combination.

Rosie was happy to while away the time in front of the TV and as long as she had Wi-Fi for her social media all was well.

Indie and Mazie were full-on into fishing with dad and with the exception of a couple of sessions in the swimming pool they were happy to be on the lake 24/7.

Three nicer kids you could never wish to meet, they could hold a conversation, they were well behaved, polite, indeed they were a pleasure to have around the place.

Lee set up camp on swim 5 where it was roomy enough to put up a bivvy for additional accommodation, he had his bait-boat so he was not restricted to swim 5 and could comfortably fish the swims either side, in fact at times he was sending bait and rigs all the way down to swim 2.

Lee has fished here on several occasions so he knew exactly what he wanted to do, armed with loads of good quality bait he was off from the start and his first fish was on the catch sheet at 02.40hrs on Sunday morning.  A 52lb Mirror.

The fish were moving around at times but he kept his eye on them and concentrated his efforts where he had to.  He recorded 6 from swim 6, 9 from swim 5, and 7 from swim 2.

He even managed a small Pike, not that he was piking, this was a full take on a bottom fished boilie rig.  Other than that he found some stonking stocky mirrors:

3572579 (2)

And some picture perfect commons, this is one of my home-grown Graffeuil specials, currently weighing in at 19lb 10oz, a fish to keep your eye on in years to come :

23039 (2)

Lee’s final tally was :

1 Pike,  zero Babies,   2 Doubles at 18 and 19lb,   1 @ 21lb,   3 @ 26lb,   1 @ 28lb,   2 @ 29lb,   3 @ 30lb,   2 @ 35lb,   2 @ 36lb,   1 @ 37lb,   2 @ 39lb,   2 @ 40lb,   2 @ 41lb,   1 @ 44lb,   1 @ 50lb,   1 @ 51lb,   1 @ 52lb,   and one at 53lb.

Lee is returning with some of his mates for another session in November, when the fishing will be totally different,  there will be a lot more lines in the water on that occasion so he won’t be fishing swim 2 from swim 5.  As usual I will let you know how he gets on after the event.

We are closed this week, and for once that is not a result of coronavirus,  it was scheduled as a week of rest and recuperation for the fish.

I was hoping that my Mam was coming over for the week with my brother Matthew and sister-in-law Tracey, but alas that was not to be.  My Mam is 89 and although she would have loved to pop over for a few days away from the awful British weather we all decided that it was not worth the risk and she would be much safer at home sharing another bottle of vino.

PHOTO-2020-06-27-18-53-33 (2)

Cheers Mum xx

Helen and I are going to try and fit in a little down-time this week, and who knows, if we can we might spend an hour around the pool ourselves.

Take care and stay safe.




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1 Response to Catch Report – 23 August 2020

  1. JONES, Stuart says:

    A good week, nice to hear your comments about the children, hope they grow up to become responsible adults. Also, your Mum looks good.
    Have a good break.


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