Weekly Report – 30 August 2020

A whole week of dry-nets.

It is not very often I have to report a headline like that and I am glad that I can explain it; we have been closed !!

A nice relaxing week for both Helen and I, and the big carp, or at least that was the plan.

Retirement seems to be what everyone looks forward to; living the dream in a warmer climate, firing up the BBQ, sunbathing, sipping cocktails by the pool, nobody to tell you what to do, no alarm clocks.  WELL !! I lasted until Monday morning and then I was bored stiff.

So, swiftly fast forward to plan B.  I knew we were having a couple of friends around for a BBQ on Thursday so I had to prepare my new outdoor kitchen for that event, and the food of course, but other than that what was I going to do for a week ?

My apples have yet to fully ripen so I couldn’t start picking those for my debut into the cider making world.  No anglers on the lake to look after.  The grass isn’t even growing so apart from trimming weeds there has been no grass to cut.  I didn’t want to go out anywhere as we are both still keeping a very isolated stance with COVID-19.

There was obviously only one thing for it, make a start on the new shower block !!

And with hind-sight what better time to do it.  No guests in the Gite meant that I could make as much noise as I wanted and upset no-one, apart from Helen that is, although she is used to it by now.

It was time to break out the breakers !!

Stage 1 was to gut the whole room and if we could achieve that this last week before our next guests arrived then that would be a bonus, and what a difference :

From this :


To this :


And this :


To this :


Gone : floor, ceiling, electrics, plumbing, the lot.  Stage 1 is complete, and most of the waste has been recycled, wood will make winter fuel for the log burner, the old tiles and concrete has been re-laid on one of my wetter tracks through the woods and will make a massive difference come the winter, and Helen even managed to sell the old toilet door for 25 euro, bonus.

We had a great BBQ on Thursday, we only had 3 guests, good friends of ours : Adrian, Susan and Tim.  The weather was still a bit on the hot side and had us all trying to use the same piece of shade but otherwise perfect. The food was super tasty; we had spuds roasted in their jackets with lashings of butter then topped off with my home-made 4-bean chilli and sprinkled with grated cheddar, mmmmmmmmmm, I was stuffed after the first course.

But, not to be easily beaten, I had prepared some extra large prawn skewers marinated in a sweet chilli sauce, followed by a butterflied leg of lamb marinated and basted in marmalade and garlic, then Helen had created a summer fruit pudding with cream, lemon liqueur and white chocolate, to die for.

(bet you’re all hungry now? I know I am, roll on lunch.)

All washed down with a couple of cold beers and a bottle of red, then I wondered why I was 5 pounds heavier on Friday.

Back to work on Friday and the extra calories were soon gone, I had to get the lake and cabins ready for our next guests, Steve and Gareth, they arrived yesterday afternoon for their session and as at breakfast today they had already recorded 5 big carp and were looking for number 6.  A good start, and I will let you have their final catch report next weekend.

You will of course remember Lee and his girls from the previous week :

DSCF3844 (2)

They have just posted their own you-tube diary of their session under their “Northern Bivvy Boys” title.  It is a bit long at 50mins but it would be great to watch if you have never been here before and you wanted to see some detailed footage of the place.  It is also quite amusing so if you want to take a peek try this link :

I hope that worked.

Another typical week at Le Moulin, full catch report next weekend, but for now suffice to say       “keep your heads down and stay safe”


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