Catch Report – 06 September 2020

33 Big Carp to 65lb

Another great result for 2 of my regulars, Steve and Gareth, 33 big carp to 65lb with new PBs coming thick and fast.

A nice relaxed approach this week and the guys still produced a great result. Fishing primarily evenings and nights with plenty of down-time every day up at the Gite for food and facilities it turned in to the perfect combination of good fishing and a great holiday.

The Guys had already decided on their plan of attack, so, armed with a mix of both of the house boilies, loads of pellet and plenty of corn, they set up shop on the deeper swims, Steve took swim 6 and Gareth settled in to swim 5.

The plan was simple, if they had found the fish by the Sunday they would stay put, if the fish proved to be elsewhere they would move.

By Sunday morning Steve had found 3 and Gareth had found 2, by that measure they decided that they would stay put and the serious feeding started.

The Guys managed to hold the fish in place until Wednesday but when I took The Boys out for their lunchtime walk it was obvious that the fish were on the move, there were still plenty of fish feeding in swims 5 and 6 but there was a shoal of fish ripping up the blood-worm beds in swims 1,2 and 3.

By Thursday there was little sign of life in swims 5 and 6 and all of the big shoals had moved down to swims 2, 3 and 4.

Thursday morning was end-of-session for Steve but he was a happy chappy and so decided to simply while away his last couple of days enjoying the peace and tranquillity. If the fish returned to swim 6 then that was going to be a bonus. He had caught a total of 16 big carp and had massively improved his PB which now stands at 65lb :

Gareth had the better end of the draw because although the fishing dried up in swim 5 he was able to send his bait boat down to swims 3 and 4 and so continued to pick up another few fish. Gareth finished his session with 17 big carp, a new PB Mirror at 58lb 10oz, and a new PB Common at 53lb 02oz :

All in all it has been a great session and their final tally was :

Zero Babies, Zero Doubles, 2 @ 21lb, 1 @ 28lb, 2 @ 30lb, 2 @ 31lb, 2 @ 32lb, 2 @ 33lb, 2 @ 34lb, 4 @ 37lb, 3 @ 38lb, 3 @ 42lb, 2 @ 43lb, 2 @ 44lb, 1 @ 45lb, 1 @ 47lb, 1 @ 53lb, 1 @ 54lb, 1 @ 58lb, and 1 at 65lb

The weather continued to be perfect, with afternoon temperatures in the mid-high 20s, just nudging 30C. What has been of note though is that the early morning temperatures have been dropping off to as low as 12C. Not low enough to have any impact on the fishing but certainly low enough to make me start thinking about where I last saw my long trousers !!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Helen and I are looking forward to hosting the Guys again soon, but in the short term , keep your heads down and stay safe.

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