Catch Report – 13 September 2020

8 Big Carp to 52lb 06oz

It should have been 12 but Charlie dropped 4, the only one he truly regretted was when he had my big white Koi on for half an hour then dropped it at the net.

Only one person on the lake this week and all he wanted was a quiet relaxing week with a couple of nice fish, well he certainly got what he wanted.

Charlie would stroll on down to the lake after breakfast, stroll back to the Gite for a long leisurely lunch, stroll on back to the lake for an afternoon/evening session then stroll on back home for an evening meal and a good night’s sleep. If Charlie was any more laid-back he would be horizontal.

All Charlie had to do was find some fish and feed them, but therein laid his main problem, he does not have a bait-boat, no PVA, no throwing stick, armed with only a maggot sized catapult he was going to find it difficult to feed any fish at range.

The concept of taking the long walk around the lake to feed a swim from the far bank was also not on Charlie’s relaxed agenda.

When he arrived on Saturday there were quite a few fish feeding in the shallow swims and with swim 2 being one of the narrowest parts of the lake that was where he decided to start. Unfortunately for Charlie by the time he had got going on Sunday those fish had long gone and were on the move back towards the deeper swims.

This has become a routine for my fish this season, something that has never been so consistent before, a couple of days in the shallow swims, then a day or 2 to move along to the deeper swims, then a couple of days in the deeper swims before they turn around and do it all again, and they have been shoaling up so tight that when they move they ALL move.

There is only one reason why they hang around any one particular spot and that is because they have found something to eat, if you don’t feed them they will move on.

I caught up with Charlie at lunchtime on Sunday when he was up at the Gite and he had already given up on swim 2, he was contemplating a move up to swim 4 where he had seen some fish so we arranged a pick up time of 4pm to move him and his kit.

I took The Boys for their lunchtime walk around the lake and sure enough Charlie had called it correctly, the shallow swims were void of any fish and there was a massive shoal of them in swim 4.

I arrived at 4pm as agreed and drove his kit up to swim 4, but what was instantly obvious was that the big shoal that had been there 3 hours earlier had already moved through the swim and the big carp were making their way nice and steadily toward swim 5.

Thankfully Charlie elected to follow the fish and so changed his mind and settled in to swim 5. Charlie started a fresh on Monday and there were fish feeding everywhere and he managed to catch 2 at very short range, but as is usual, the fish move away from any commotion and soon enough they were all feeding away quite merrily towards the far bank side of his swim.

Despite the number of fish in his swim Tuesday saw zero return. This had the potential to be a very disappointing session for Charlie.

Eventually I managed to persuade him that he had to get some bait on a spot and it had to be where the fish were, there was only one way to achieve that and he would have to start feeding a spot from the far bank using a good old-fashioned bucket and scoop.

I provided some pellet, lent him a scoop, and he started taking the long walk to and from the Gite via the far-bank in order to feed his chosen spot.

Hey-presto, Wednesday and Thursday saw 8 fish on, unfortunately 4 were dropped but 4 were in the bag, and he had some stunners, including a 42, a 47, and a 52 pounder, Charlie was smiling :

The big carp stayed true to form and on Thursday they started to move back down toward the shallow swims but Charlie persisted and found another one on Thursday and 2 more on Friday giving him a grand total of 8 :

Zero Babies, Zero Doubles, 1 @ 22lb, 1 @ 24lb, 1 @ 31lb, 1 @ 35lb, 1 @ 36lb, 1 @ 42lb, 1 @ 47lb and his new PB at 52lb 06oz.

Charlie has learnt a lot this week and Helen and I are already looking forward to his next visit when I am sure he is going to have an equally relaxed, but much more productive session.

Remember rule 1, find the fish. You can’t catch em if they ain’t there to be caught.

There should have been 4 on the lake this week but Covid-19 strikes again and only 2 were able to make the trip, I will give you their catch report next weekend.

Till then, Stay Safe.

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