Catch Report – 20 September 2020

No big headline catch this week as things did not quite go according to plan, but 3 nice carp to 39lb 08oz was a good result.

Once again COVID-19 had it’s effect and Ray’s group was reduced from 4 down to 2, this is starting to be a recurring event, and things are starting to look like they are going to get more complicated before they get any easier.

Ray and Paul arrived on Saturday and had already decided to fish swim 3, thankfully after a walk around the lake they had a re-think and set up camp on swim 5. Easy decision really as all the fish were feeding away in swims 5 and 6 and there was not a sign of a fish in any of the shallow swims.

Not being night anglers they got themselves organised on Sunday and started the process of feeding up their chosen spots. The first fish was in the bag by 10am on Monday morning with a second coming at lunch time.

Now in my opinion this was quite a good start and all they had to do was keep feeding their spots, and at that rate they would have built up a nice catch throughout the session, unfortunately the lure of fishing swim 3 persisted and when I took The Boys for their lunchtime walk on Tuesday I discovered that Ray and Paul had already made the move to swim 3.

During my walk I found very little sign of any fish activity in the shallow swims and all of the activity was still in swims 5 and 6, I did ask the guys why they had moved and they were convinced that they had seen plenty of fish activity in swim 3.

Paul did pick up his first fish on Tuesday evening around 8pm so maybe they were going to prove me wrong.

I walked the walk with The Boys every lunchtime, as I do, and every lunchtime I had to report that the big shoals were still in swims 5 and 6. They were making an occasional trip down to swim 4 but then they just returned to the Dam Wall and started all over again.

As a consequence Ray and Paul had no further action for the remainder of the week. They did enjoy their session though and given that their starting target was “just a couple of nice fish” they achieved their goal.

Paul was happy with his 33lb Mirror as it was his first big carp in 3 years as he doesn’t get to fish very often :

Ray took the Top Rod and the Big Fish awards with his brace of Mirrors from swim 5 which weighed in at 34lb:

and 39lb:

We hope to see Ray and Paul next May when the fish will be just as hungry.

Last week I reminded everyone of Rule 1, “Find the Fish”.

Well my rule number 2 is equally as simple “Feed Them”

If you want to catch them you have to feed them, and if you want to keep catching them you need to keep feeding them. And when you think you have fed them enough then it is time to feed them again.

They will only stay on a spot for as long as there is something to eat, when the food is gone so are they.

If this was your fish pond you would calculate the amount of food that your prize Koi requires to grow and remain healthy and then feed it accordingly.

Well here I do the same, my big carp need 30-40KG of food per day just to survive, if you feed them more they will eat it and I reckon that they will happily consume 100kg per day between them, and more if it gets chucked in.

If you do not contribute then they will just go to someone who will, and that someone is Mother Nature. Once they are dining at Mother Nature’s table they are not going to come away from it for a handful of boilies.

We have 2 anglers on the lake this week and I will give you their catch report next weekend, it will be interesting.

The long hot Summer that we have endured for months came to a very abrupt end on Friday night with some seriously heavy rain, we had a massive thunder storm on Saturday and we are scheduled for more of the same almost every day this week.

What it is going to do to the fishing I do not know, but I am sure that Alan and Kay are about to find out.

Take care and stay safe.

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