COVID-19 Statement – 29 September 2020

Most of you will know Me and Helen personally and therefore know that it is always our intention to do right by our guests, however, COVID-19 has put a whole different spin on life and we find ourselves in a very difficult situation, both personally and financially.

When this so-called pandemic arrived our decision-process was very simple; it was not your fault, it was not our fault, but the reason that our guests could not get here was because the French Government had imposed travel restrictions which made your journey illegal, if not impossible.

Being a French registered business in France we decided that the situation was therefore more our fault than yours. Insurance companies didn’t know where they stood and were trying everything to get out of paying, so we decided to take the full hit financially, to that end we refunded monies and re-scheduled holidays as best we could.

Now the situation is somewhat different as we are open.  Our guests are still not arriving but that is as a direct result of restrictions imposed on them by the UK Government, not the French Government.

Unfortunately, despite the situation no longer being our fault, Helen and I continue to pick-up the whole cost as guests decide not to travel and obviously not to pay.

Despite our Terms and Conditions advising guests to ensure they have insurance in the event of cancellations it would appear that either no one has insurance, or they do not want to claim against it, and simply expect us to refund all costs.  As a consequence, we have become everyone’s insurance policy.

What we do now know, from bitter experience, is that Business Interruption Insurance is not worth the paper it is printed on and it does not cover COVID-19, not now nor in the future.

As you know we are a very small business, what you do not know is that the cost to us has been substantial and amounts to around 75% of our annual income this year, with a further reduction in income for the 2 subsequent seasons as holidays are shunted forward.

Conversely, as a result of your holiday having been booked pre-COVID your insurance would still have been valid and the insurance companies could have taken some of the hit.

We did get Government assistance which was gratefully received but, in its entirety, it actually amounted to little more than 2-weeks’ income.

Obviously figures like this make our family-run business totally unviable.

Needless to say, we cannot continue like this, and it would make financial sense to close the business, reduce the over-heads, and let the fish fend for themselves.

Obviously, that defeats the object of developing the fishery in the first place so we intend to continue as best we can.

In order to keep the business even remotely viable we are having to take a slightly firmer stance with our terms and conditions, and hope that you, via your insurance if appropriate, are willing to take some of the risk.

So, with immediate effect, normal Terms and Conditions will apply:

  1. All future bookings will be confirmed subject to receipt of a completed booking form and a 30% deposit, as all current bookings are.
  2. All deposits are non-refundable unless sufficient notice is provided such that your booking can be re-sold.
  3. All balance payments are to be made when due which is no later than 10 weeks prior to your holiday start-date.
  4. In the event that a balance payment is not received on time the holiday will be considered as having been cancelled by you.
  5. In the event that a holiday is cancelled by you, any deposit paid, or balance payment made, will only be refunded in the event that the holiday is re-sold.
  6. In the event that a holiday is cancelled by us, or as a result of restrictions imposed by the French Government, deposits and balance payments will be refunded, but they will be refunded minus any expenses already incurred by us, namely tax and national insurance contributions already deducted.
  7. If you are unable to travel and proceed with your booked holiday for any reason then the above terms numbered 1 – 6 will apply.

Please be aware that alternate dates for holidays will no longer be offered for the very simple reason that we do not have any alternate dates available, we are full to bursting for the foreseeable future. 

These terms and conditions are not new as they already form a part of the contract between all parties when the original booking form was submitted, they simply clarify our stance regarding future instances involving COVID-19.

We seriously regret being forced in to this position but it is essential if the business is to survive this disease.

We know that some of you will empathise with this stance and will continue with your bookings, but please do check your current status with regards to your insurance.

Equally, we know that some of you will react quite negatively to this stance and will already be ranting about the potential loss of your money.

To those of you who empathise we are glad to have you join us on the remainder of our COVID-19 journey, let’s all hope that the situation improves and neither party ends up out of pocket.

To those of you who consider this stance wholly unreasonable we invite you to cancel your bookings as soon as possible.  The sooner you cancel, the greater the possibility that your holiday can be re-sold.

In the event that your holiday is resold a full refund will be provided.

Please submit all communications regarding this issue in writing via e-mail at :

We know that some of you will not get to see this post through social media, so, over the next week or two we intend to write to everyone with an existing booking to ensure that you are all aware of the stance we are being forced to adopt.  At this point we will be asking you all to confirm your intent to either retain your booking given the Terms and Conditions above, or, to cancel.

We suspect that COVID-19 is going to remain a feature in our lives for some considerable time and we will have to learn to roll with the punches but for now we hope that you all remain very careful and stay safe.

Kind regards, Tony and Helen

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2 Responses to COVID-19 Statement – 29 September 2020

  1. Terry White says:

    Hi Tony I understand the problems that you are having, have spoken to the others and we all agree that we intend to retain all our booking 2021 &2022 with you and will accept your Terms and Conditions.

    Terry, Bob, Richard & Jason ________________________________

    • Tony says:

      Hi Terry, that is good to hear and thank you for your support, I will drop you a line in the near future just to confirm. Regards Tony and Helen

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