Weekly Report – 11 October 2020

No anglers on the lake again this week hence there is nothing to say in way of a catch report, so I have decided to provide you with an update on the new Shower Block which will be used in conjunction with our new Drive & Survive package.

The project as a whole is coming on leaps and bounds, much quicker than I intended. The basic rebuild is complete, now it is a case of decorating, tiling, and actually fitting the furniture, etc.

The target completion date is to have it ready for the 1st day of the 2023 season which will probably be the 1st of April, so needless to say I have plenty of time.

I have made a conscious decision to slow this project down though because I still have my outside kitchen/bar to complete before we open for next season and I have also promised Helen that we will start to investigate the rebuild of our kitchen in the main house.

On top of that I still have some outstanding decorating jobs upstairs in the new bathroom which I fitted a couple of years ago and I never did finish decorating the lounge which I started last winter.

So much to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the Shower Block.

The last time I reported on this project was at the end of August and effectively it had been reduced to just a shell, everything had been ripped out. Well, I am pleased to say things have moved on considerably.

Firstly the old concrete floor had to come up, in its entirety. It was in an awful state and had been added to several times over the decades giving it 4 different levels, and slopes in all directions.

With the exception of the shower cubicle I wanted the floor to be flat and all of the sewerage, waste water, and water supply pipes were going to go under the floor.

Ripping the old one up was a dirty messy job and we discovered some absolute horrors where people had bodged things over the years, all I can say is “no wonder the toilet didn’t flush properly”.

As usual we try and recycle everything here and the old floor added a lovely layer of hardcore to one of the wetter tracks in the forest.

Once we had got the new pipework in place it was already taking shape, at least it was to me !! In my mind’s-eye I knew where everything had to go.

A couple of tons of concrete later and you would never know the pipes were there :

If you look carefully at that last photograph you will notice the non-flat section of the floor in the right hand corner, the long green thing is actually the drain for what will be an open-plan shower cubicle with just a curtain to protect your modesty.

I could safely bury the water supply pipes in the floor because each individual pipe is plumbed in one single piece with no joints. Next door to the Shower Block is a small wine cellar and all of the power and water has been routed through there for future access and maintenance :

Very smart job !!

That was one of the major jobs finished, the next one was the ceiling.

You may remember that a couple of years ago I replaced the roof, I had to, the old one was rotten and had been leaking for years, consequently the ceiling was in a poor state and it proved to be easier to just rip it down and start again. Also I wanted to fill the void with good insulation, so a new ceiling was a must-have.

In went the insulation and the studding to carry the new boards :

At the same time I could add the stud work for the false wall which would hide the water pipes for the shower and sink, and, most importantly I could run all of the electrics inside the void.

A bit fiddly but it was all worth the effort and the extra expense :

As at today I have got it to a state where it is complete, all bar the finishing. The toilet is temporarily fitted and useable, the sockets are in just in case I need power, the heating is in so I can run that at frost setting throughout the winter and protect everything, and most important of all the new outside tap is fully functional so Helen has her supply for dogs and horses.

At this end I am going to fit some kitchen units with a sink and drainer :

And at this end there will be a bathroom unit on the left for washing and shaving, with a walk-in shower on the right :

You might still need to use your imagination but I am sure you can see where I am going with this, can’t you??

Remember, the Drive & Survive option is already on the web-site and if you are considering a booking for 2023 when the new calendar opens on the 1st of January then you may wish to consider this as an alternative to booking the Gite.

Time to give this project a rest for a while though and hopefully I can get on with a few of those other jobs on my “To-Do-List”.

We were hoping to have a group of 4 on the lake this week but COVID has struck again and their session has been slipped backwards for a week, hopefully they will get out here next Saturday.

We still have the potential to slip in 3 catch reports before the end of the season but a couple of them are looking quite dodgy. The big carp are enjoying the extended rest period and are boshing out everywhere, they are taking advantage of the Autumn sunshine as well as the peace and quiet.

Our daughter Amy and little grandson Cailen are coming over this week so if I have nothing else to report on next weekend I will let you know how their visit went. My latest batch of cider is fermenting away nicely so I might be able to teach Cailen how to do the bottling, never to young to teach them about the finer things in life.

Till next week, keep your heads down, and stay safe.

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