Weekly Report – 18 October 2020

Another quiet session around the lake this week without an angler in sight, bit of a shame really as the weather has been half-right and the fish are still very active.

I did end last week’s report with a comment about there still being 3 chances to get some catch reports in before the end of the season, well, talk about “Tempting Fate”, I should have kept schtum ! COVID continues to take it’s toll and another 2 sessions have been cancelled, only one chance left now and that isn’t for another fortnight.

It may well have have been quiet around the lake but that has not been the case around the house:

Our eldest daughter Amy managed to organise a visit for her and Cailen so we have been kept on our toes to say the least. This is them on their way over courtesy of a COVID-friendly Ryanair flight.

We were all a little concerned about them travelling but Amy assured us that everything went very well, there were not many people on board the flight nor around the airports so she said that she felt safer than she would if she was shopping at Tesco.

Most of you will know that nothing stands still around Le Moulin for more than a few seconds and just because our Grandson was visiting we were not going to make any exceptions, the show must go on.

5 minutes after arrival Caillen had a re-introduction to The Boys as they needed their evening walk :

And to the horses as they needed to be moved back to their evening pasture :

Thankfully, Cailen is fearless around animals and they seem to find him fascinating, maybe it is because they don’t get to see any small people and they wonder why he is the size that he is. Either way it is a great combination and it makes life very easy all round.

The following morning he quickly learnt that if you feed animals then there is a by-product which needs sorting out, but once again he was keen to get his hands dirty and do his bit ;

That wheel barrow came in handy more than once, here he is collecting acorns ready to seed an area of fir trees which we are about to have harvested and then re-planted with oak trees.

It is a little project that Helen and I are working on and we are going to try and do it using mother nature alone.

Getting rid of 10 acres of fir tree will also help with the water quality in the lake as the needles that fir trees drop are notoriously acidic and it all leaches down through the soil.

In amongst all of Cailen’s tasks he even found time to help with the final batch of Cider :

It might be a while before I can teach him to drink it but at least now he knows how it is bottled.

The cider processing has gone quite well and I have now have 162 pints of the stuff simmering away, the proof of the pudding will be in the tasting of course so needless to say I am looking forward to that part, roll on Xmas.

Back to total peace and quiet next week and needless to say there will not be a catch report next weekend. Having no anglers to look after I plan to bring some of the annual maintenance forward and make a start on some of the jobs that I would normally leave until November and December.

Helen moved the horses today in to their Winter field so that also means that there are plenty of jobs that need doing around their Summer field.

Decisions ! Decisions !

Till next weekend, be careful and stay safe.

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2 Responses to Weekly Report – 18 October 2020

  1. John Bruford says:

    Luvlyjubly priceless hope your all well

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