Availability Update – 25 October 2020

No anglers on the lake again this week hence no catch report, and apart from cutting grass and strimming there really is nothing of note to report on, so I have decided to post an availability update.

I posted a COVID-19 Statement a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that I was going to write to everyone with a booking for next season and ask them to confirm their intent to either continue with their booking or to cancel. Well that exercise is now complete and I am pleased to say that I have had replies from over 50% of you and everyone is being very understanding and supportive.

So far there has only been one cancellation but interestingly I am getting numerous comments from people to say that they have managed to update their travel insurance to include cancellations as a result of COVID-19.

I am still waiting on replies from over 40% of next season’s guests so there may be more weeks that become available. If that is the case I will post them on here.

Recently I have been inundated with inquiries for next season, so many that I can only assume that everyone is expecting to be able to travel next year. Time will tell on that.

What is new is the number of inquiries about Xmas and New Year holidays, just to remind everyone we do not open over the winter, it is essential that the fish are allowed to rest, beef-up, and re-condition over the winter in order that they can cope properly with spawning, and the fishing, during the following season.

The following weeks are now available :


March the 6th ( first week of the season )


October the 22nd and the 29th ( last week of the season )


The calendar for 2023 will be opened at midnight on the 31st of December 2020, that is European time, so it will be opened at 2300hours or 11pm on the 31st of December UK time.

Several UK based guests missed out on their preferred dates last year as a result of this confusion.

Remember there is always a rush for places when the calendar opens so to try and be fair to everyone I operate by some very strict rules. They are :

I will only take bookings by e-mail via my main account; moulindegraf@hotmail.co.uk

Any booking inquiries left as comments on my Blog or as comments and messages on my Facebook pages, via the contact form on my web-site, or on any of my alternate e-mail accounts will be dealt with last.

I deal with each e-mail in order that my computer receives them on my main account. Many of them will show the exact same time of being sent but obviously computers can allocate places by the thousandths of a second.

If you have more than one date please list your dates in order of preference, if your first date is not available I will allocate your second or third, etc.

If you want to book 2 weeks or more on either separate or consecutive dates please make that absolutely clear in your e-mail.

E-mails submitted before the correct time will be put to the rear of the queue.

End of Rules.

As is my normal practise I will endeavour to deal with all of your inquiries by close of play on New Year’s Day (hangover permitting) and I will reply to you all on the same day.

All bookings will be held for 7 days allowing time for people to submit booking forms, deposits, etc. Any booking not confirmed within the 7days will be deemed to have been cancelled.

On a more general note, Helen and I officially become Old Age Pensioners in 2022 and 2023 respectively and will be entitled to our pensions, for what they are worth !!!

As a consequence we have made a very conscious decision to slow things down just a little. Obviously the day-to-day work around Le Moulin will have to continue so we have decided to reduce the number of sessions available.

To that end there will only be 20 weeks available for the 2023 season and the same for subsequent seasons.

The season will still operate from the last Saturday in March through to the last Saturday in October, to allow people to pick their preferred dates, but once the first 20 weeks have been taken the calendar will close.

If that is not clear please contact me before the 31st of December with your questions.

If you are not intending to holiday with us in 2023 but you know of someone who might want to please share this information as you wish.

Meanwhile keep your heads down and stay safe.

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2 Responses to Availability Update – 25 October 2020

  1. James Hunt says:

    Hi Tony

    Just to confirm we are definitely on for our week in October.

    Having had three holidays cancelled this year and Matt possibly down with the dreaded CV-19 lurgy we both need something to look forward to.

    Stay safe & warmest regards James and Matt.

    Many Thanks. James Hunt. Jehunt148@gmail.com 07541 891649. Sent from my iPad.


    • Tony says:

      Hi James, this thing is causing chaos for everyone, 2022 may be a long way off but I’m sure it will come round pretty quick. You take care, regards, Tony and Helen

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