SITREP – 01 November 2020

Nothing good to report I’m afraid, the situation here in France with regards to COVID-19 continues to deteriorate as it does in the UK, but then this was inevitable once everyone decided that it was safe to go outside and mingle.

Helen and I have taken the decision to work from home, I can’t think of a safer place to be.

Despite not having any guests on the lake the work around Le Moulin is relentless so we are cracking on with it as normal and just trying to keep a low profile.

We have moved the horses from their summer pasture up to their winter pasture and we have already managed to get their summer pasture serviced. Not that that amounts to much really, but we have cut-back the hedgerows and chain harrowed the grass which effectively aerates it and spreads the manure and the mole hills, then we over-seeded the bare patches. Now we just leave it to rest through the winter and the grass will make fantastic horse feed again come the spring.

One bonus of having no one around the lake is that I have started the winter maintenance schedule ahead of time. Ordinarily I would not start work on the lake until the middle of November but I have already completed a couple of jobs and it is only the first of the month. You might recognise these :

From this :

To this :

And from this :

To this :

Being able to start early has proven to be a bonus really as we are having to open a month ahead of schedule next season, consequently I am under pressure to get things done a bit quicker than is normal.

This is not something that we planned deliberately but we have tried to accommodate groups who have seen their holidays cancelled this year. Being fully booked we had little option other than extend the season at the beginning and at the end.

I would have started to lower the lake level already but we actually have a couple of anglers on the lake this week. They managed to get out of the UK before the French lock-down came in to effect but they will be the last guests of the season. At least this means that I might have a catch report to write by the end of the week.

I popped out to the Bricomarche on Wednesday for a few bits and bobs to further my DIY projects and I was amazed at the number of UK plated cars in the shop carparks, particularly at the Intermarche, it was the busiest I have seen it since the hight of the Summer.

The number of brit holiday makers was surprising, no doubt they all decided to have one last hurrah for the mid-term school holidays and travel before all of the lockdowns came in to effect.

Technically, if they conform to the new restrictions they will not be able to travel back to the UK but I suppose that the authorities will have little choice but to let them all go home, after all, they did let them in.

The French lockdown is in place until the 1st of December but given the state of the number of new cases and subsequent deaths I have a sneaky feeling that things are going to remain very difficult for some considerable time yet.

Needless to say if there is ever some good news I will let you know, but for now, keep your heads down and stay safe.

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