Catch Report – 08 November 2020

A little touch of Winter arrived at Le Moulin this week to coincide with the final session of the season, and although the early mornings were very frosty and a little uncomfortable it was not going to ruin the fishing :

16 Big Carp to 51lb 04oz

What was going to make the fishing very difficult was the sudden appearance of anglers on the bank after this extended period of total silence.

Lee and Martyn settled straight in to swims 5 and 6 because that is where all the fish were, that is also where the fish have been showing for the last several weeks, and the deep water is exactly where you would expect to find the fish at this time of the year as the water temperature starts to drop.

Sounds great in theory but it did not work out like that in practise.

No sooner had the lads set up and got rods in the water the big carp were out of there and they made a bee-line for the other end of the lake.

Because the fishing is normally very light at Le Moulin I warn everyone that they have to keep the bank-side noise to an absolute minimum or the fish will just move away, particularly walking and stamping around, as the big carp feel that as a vibration through the water and they are hard-wired to recognise any vibration as a potential threat to life.

Well this week, after such a long period of total silence around the lake, it was like flicking a switch, and the fish were away.

This resulted in Martyn on swim 6 not having so much as a sniff of a fish for days, and Lee on swim 5 having to run his bait boat all the way down to swim 2 to find any action at all.

Having caught fish from swim 2 (whilst fishing swim 5) Lee decided that it would be easier to get amongst them so he made the move to swim 2, the Lads did not know at the time but this was going to be of benefit to Martyn.

I explained to Martyn that with Lee now causing a disturbance in swim 2 the fish would soon move out and they only had one direction in which to go.

Sure enough, Lee had his first fish almost straight away, that was enough for them and they moved again, this time only as far as swim 4, it was as if they had settled for a middle ground between the 2 anglers.

Lee decided to follow the fish and subsequently moved up to swim 4, the fish now had a choice, they could stay where they were, go back down to the shallows, or they could head for deeper water, luckily for Martyn they chose the latter and suddenly Martyn was in to fish.

The downside for Martyn was that he only had 3 days of his session to go, and it was cold, moral was at a low, and he was suffering from that feeling of being at the wrong end of a bad session. We have all been there when all you want to do is pack up and go home.

Thankfully he is made of stronger stuff, he persevered, and ended up with 6 lovely big carp with his best going to 44lb 08oz :

Lee had certainly chased the fish around and kept them on the move, and thankfully it paid dividends as his catch increased to a total of 10 fish to 51lb 04oz :

This is Titan, our most recent new 50, an absolutely stunning Common. We have not seen Titan since August 2019 when he came out to Ryan who weighed him in at 39lb 08oz, and his previous best was when Geoff caught him in the April of 2019 and weighed him in at 41lb 04oz.

It just goes to show how well they can develop if they have a long rest, 51lb 04oz, stunning !!

The final tally for Lee and Martyn was :

Zero Babies, zero doubles, 1 @ 20lb, 1 @ 24lb, 1 @ 31lb, 2 @ 32lb, 2 @ 33lb, 1 @ 35lb, 1 @ 37lb, 1 @ 39lb, 3 @ 40lb, 1 @ 42lb, 1 @ 44lb, and 1 at 51lb 04oz.

We won’t be seeing the Lads next year as they could not get in but we look forward to seeing them again in 2022.

Next week I will be posting the stats for the whole season as I normally do so if you are interested in that then watch this space.

Until then, take care and stay safe.

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