Catch Report Summary – 2020

The first thing to say is ; “What a Bloody Awful Season”.

Good to get that off my chest !!

In an ordinary season I would now be reporting some fantastic results, a combination of effort from around 100 anglers, having caught thousands of big carp, and some amazing stats.

Well, unfortunately, this season’s catch report summary is on a much smaller scale. We have still operated around our usual 32 week season but courtesy of COVID-19 we have only managed to get 11 individual groups of guests on the lake.

As well as a couple of non-angling guests those eleven groups have comprised; 2 groups of 4 anglers, 5 groups of 2 anglers, and 4 groups of 1 angler.

Mmmmmm, can a group of 1 be called a group ?

Either way. That is a grand total of 22 anglers.

Those 22 anglers have caught a total of 336 big carp between them with a combined weight of 11,565.7lb.

That included 169 individual fish with most of those being caught twice, that means that I have over 100 fish that have not been caught at all this season.

I have had several fish caught for the first time since 2018 and there has even been one which was caught for the very first time this season since we stocked it in 2012.

Amazing really.

Those of you blessed with fast brains will have already worked out the averages but for those of you less-blessed, like myself, the calculator tells me that :

The average catch per angler per week was 15.27 fish, and the average weight per fish was 34.42lb.

The good news is that the average catch rate has gone up from just over 12 fish in 2019 to just over 15 in 2020. The bad news is that 15 will be the new target in 2021 for those that want to claim an average week.

The average weight is reduced from just over 38lb in 2019 to 34lb in 2020. There are many reasons for that; one being that we did not get to report on the big spring catches with pre-spawn weight fish, another is that most of the catch reports are post-spawn fish in the summer when they are at their lightest, and also I have four home grown fish in the main lake which have survived the normal cull and they have made multiple showings this season all weighing in at the 18-19lb mark.

See ! Stats ! You can make them say whatever you want really.

One good bit of news is that I can report that no one has dry-netted again this season, although that has been tested once or twice with the smallest catch being 1.

The Top-Rod award for 2020 goes to Andy Kirk with his individual tally of 39 lovely big carp :

The Big-Fish award goes to Steve Poole who landed the best of this year’s sessions at 65lb :

All in all, not a bad season, considering the issues, I suppose it could have been worse!!

Lets hope next season turns out better. So far everyone is reporting that they have found holiday insurance to cover them for cancellations due to COVID so that is good news.

I have 30 groups booked in next season with just a couple of weeks R&R in the middle to give the fish a break, that is considerably more than a normal season so this time next year I should be reporting some massive figures.

I will only be posting once a month throughout the Winter as nothing terribly exciting happens so I will post an update at the end of the month.

Till then take care and stay safe.

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