November SITREP – 2020

The cabins have been closed up, all of the kit has been moved in to dry storage in the barn, and the lake is suddenly looking somewhat lonely, it is always a sad time of the year.

On the plus side the weather has been great, generally dry and sunny, with afternoon temperatures routinely hitting the mid-20s, as a consequence I have got loads done.

Winter made a very sudden arrival on the 1st of December and it was as if someone had flicked a switch, since then it has been cold and wet so it was a very good job that I decided to crack-on with the outside stuff all through November.

The tall, heavily grassed, areas have all been cut back, all of the fallen trees have been reduced to fire wood for the house, over-hanging branches have been removed, in fact the only big job left to do around the lake is strimming the Dam, and I am not looking forward to that :

The good weather just kept on going throughout the month so I decided to take advantage of it and have a concentrated effort at progressing my golf course. Most of you will know that I have the majority of it cut-in and I have been making improvements to it, on and off, for the last couple of years.

Now is the time to start getting serious with it and to start to improve the greens specifically, to that end I have purchased a new toy :

This little beast scarifies and aerates, and when I did the first of my greens I was amazed at how much moss it ripped out, so much so that I had to take it away by the trailer full.

On closer inspection I decided to do the same green again, and then again for the 3rd time. The moss just kept on coming. What I hoped was going to be a concentrated effort for a week or 2 has now become a massive effort which will have to be spread over a month or 2, weather permitting.

Before I started this little exercise I thought that my greens were progressing quite well, I thought that the grass was improving and I could actually putt a ball on them, how wrong I was, I was obviously putting on moss, but now it looks as though they have been destroyed :


In one way I suppose they have as there is very little grass left, but I will keep them moss free over the winter and then treat them with some feed and weed in the spring followed by a top dressing of best quality grass seed specificaly for bowling greens and putting greens, hopefully by this time next year I should have quality greens to putt on.

Overall the course is taking shape :


Normally at this time of the year I am making arrangements to net my front stock pond with a view to adding a couple of fresh stockies to the main lake, well this year I have made the decision not to bother, netting that is. I have decided that I am going to find a little time for myself and I am going to fish for them. That will also be spread over the next couple of months so I will keep you posted on my progress.

The long-range weather forecast is not good so I have turned my attention to some inside jobs, I have promised Helen that I will finish decorating our lounge in time for Xmas and once that is done I must take a look at the main bedroom in the Gite, it is in desperate need of a coat of paint.

I will post a December SITREP at some point but it might be a few days late as I will be busy sorting out the 2023 bookings on New Year’s day.

The COVID-19 situation in France is improving all the time so there is light at the end of the tunnel, providing people behave themselves over Xmas and New Year. Fingers crossed it will be taken a little more serious over this holiday period and we will not get a 3rd wave. 1000s have died in France over the last few months and most of that was because everyone insisted on going on their summer holiday in August.

Hopefully travel restrictions will be lifted in time for next season and we look forward to hosting our first groups in March.

Meanwhile have a good Xmas and New Year, and stay safe.

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2 Responses to November SITREP – 2020

  1. Jonjon says:

    Hi you two. Great job hope to see you both soon. Looking great will bring my club n putter them challenge on if course open. The lake looks luvly. I know a good decorator if you need one. Lol. Mate rates off course. You deserve a break appy Christmas and new year. Can’t be any worse surely..
    Abeintot. Call you very soon. Jjon n Tina xx

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