Frozen Solid – January 2021

My lake freezes over most Winters and this year is certainly no exception but this is the first time that I have ever looked at it from this angle. I thought I would share these photos with you all as they show up something very interesting.

Here is the whole lake, frozen solid, and covered in a light dusting of snow :


Now here is the interesting bit, take note of all of those little round circles. On further investigation they have proven to be ground water springs.

The under-ground water is bubbling up and thawing the lake water and it’s surface.

What is interesting about that I can hear some of you asking !!

Well, apparently, the average temperature of underground water is around 10-15 degrees Celsius, and if it comes from really deep down, i.e. 50meters, it can be as much as 25 degrees Celsius.

All of the springs on our property that come up on land normally continue to flow through to May, and even as late as June, no doubt depending on the volume of rain, the temperature, etc.

I must therefore draw the conclusion that if the land based springs are still flowing in June then the lake based ones will be also.

If you are fishing in March or April, or even May, when the lake water temperature is still relatively low then it stands to reason that there must be warm spots where the springs continue to flow.

Now, everyone knows that much of the Big-Carp activity is driven by water temperature, I therefore suspect that the warm spots will directly affect the carp, and or, also affect the food supply that the carp rely on.

I do not know any of this for sure, I am just hypothesising, if there is anyone out there who can advise me correctly I would love to hear from you.

From an anglers perspective, especially one who is always looking for a feature to fish to then it might just be worth taking note of the locations of some of these warm spots and you can try them out if you are coming here in the Spring.

To that end take a look at the following photos.

Swims 1 and 2 :


Swims 3 and 4 :


Swims 5 and 6 :


Please feel free to come back at me on this one as I would be interested to hear other ideas.

Either way, for those of you who are always looking for an edge you have nothing to lose by giving my theory a try.

Be lucky.

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