1st sessions of the season – 2021

Well it comes as no great surprise when I report that the first week of the season has proven to be our first COVID statistic of the season and was cancelled.

Having been previously cancelled last season and rebooked for this season I was hoping to be hosting Dad’s Army this week but despite the overall situation improving things have not moved fast enough.

The weather has been fair to mild and the big carp are showing themselves all over the lake, The Boys would have loved it :

Unfortunately, events have conspired against them and they were unable to get here.

I was due to be meeting and greeting Stuart and his group today for the second session of the season but they have become the second statistic and the lake goes unfished for another week.

The COVID situation is improving across the whole of Europe and in particular the UK, so much so that France has put the UK back onto its good-boy list and has reopened the border.

However, with the UK government not planning to allow foreign travel much before May things are still looking doubtful for many.

I have 2 local lads on the lake commencing the 20th of March so we should see some fish on the bank soon.

Everyone else is just keeping fingers crossed and hoping that the situation improves at a much quicker rate.

European countries are desperate to get their tourists back as so many of them rely massively on tourism as a major contributor to their nations’ GDP. As an example, I was reading the other day that British tourists alone spent 18 Billion euros in Spain during 2019 ( the last full year of normal stats). Imagine how much was spent by British tourists across the whole of the EU.

It is no wonder then that so many European countries are ignoring the EU dictates and have decided to open up for brit tourists by the 1st of May, if not before.

The vaccination programme in France has started at a much slower rate than it did in the UK but it is now starting to pick up a bit of momentum. As at today around 5million have had one dose and a couple of million have had 2 where required. Most importantly, the rate of vaccinations has increased and on some days this week there has been over a quarter of a million jabs administered.

The French health authorities have just approved the Johnson vaccine so when that comes on-line there will be 4 different vaccines doing the rounds and the numbers of inoculations should increase even faster.

There are plenty of rumours going around about the need for vaccine passports to move around the EU or to enter from a non-EU country but nothing concrete as yet. There is plenty of speculation about many other subjects, one in particular is the ability to bring boilies with you on a fishing trip.

As and when I hear anything specific about those issues I will of course let you know.

In the interim I hope that you all stay safe and well and Helen and I look forward to seeing some of you soon.

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