Catch Report – 28 March 2021

14 Big Carp to 56lb 06oz.

It has been so long since I have had to write a catch report that I almost don’t know where to start, but thankfully it includes some Big Carp.

2 local lads on the lake this week for a few days of rest and recuperation away from the turmoil of the COVID rat-race. To make things even better Jon-Jon was here to celebrate his 65th birthday, happy birthday Jon-Jon.

2 nicer lads you could not meet I am sure, totally chilled out, all they wanted to do was enjoy the peace and quiet, and if a carp or two were to make a showing then that would be the icing on their cake.

I am sure that we can all appreciate that attitude, having been locked up for so long just the opportunity to escape it all would be a pleasure. Helen and I have certainly enjoyed some company, it has felt so strange to have someone to talk to other than each other.

The weather has not been the best for carp fishing, it has been as high as 20C during the afternoons with the lake taking on the power of the sun and increasing in temperature everyday, but then it has been freezing cold at night with a frost every morning which was taking the water temperature back down.

Big carp do not like that.

The lads chipped away at things though and ended up with seven fish each so a bit of a draw in numbers.

Jon-Jon managed 7 with his best going to 39lb so he was more than happy :

Vince on the other hand also managed to find 7 but for some reason he was into a bigger stamp of fish, he had a couple of nice 40s but was over the moon when he landed “Only1” who weighed in at 55lb 08oz and gave Vince a new PB and the Big Fish Award :

Imagine his surprise when he located “Uncle Harry” at 56lb 06oz and reset his PB a notch higher :

You only have to take a look at those pictures to appreciate that the fish have benefitted from lock-down and they are in immaculate condition.

All-in-all it has been a great result for the first session of the season, and the way things are developing it may be the only one for some weeks to come. The final tally was :

Zero Babies, Zero Doubles, 1 @ 28lb, 1 @ 29lb, 1 @ 32lb, 3 @ 34lb, 1 @ 36lb, 2 @ 37lb, 1 @ 39lb, 1 @ 40lb, 1 @ 44lb, 1 @ 55lb, and 1 @ 56lb

If you add up the pounds and all of the ounces that equates to 14 fish with an average weight of 38lb 04oz. Perfect !!

We were due to host Andrew Baily and his group this week but unfortunately that session has become the latest victim of COVID and it looks like the big carp will have to carry on enjoying the tranquillity of lock-down.

Helen and I are concentrating our efforts on a couple of other projects at the moment so I will update you on those as they develop.

Until my next report take care, and stay safe.

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1 Response to Catch Report – 28 March 2021

  1. Jonjon says:

    Brilliant thanks so much for your kind words the pleasure was ours. has you said its difficult times. So when this sorry state of affairs is over remember start supporting each other. Shop local live life e kind to each other we all in the same boat. Sailing uncharted waters. Each life has a different story.. Being nice cost nothing start spending.. Luv to all xx jjon xx

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